Thursday, November 30, 2017

Carrying Longchamp bags,you are nice

Carrying Longchamp bags,you are nice

  Recently,if you look at the female street snap,you will find that lots of people are not satisfied a single bag bring them a formative feeling.You can play at any ways.With the development of costumes,many ladies' demand are more higher.According to survey,ladies are more carry different Longchamp bags to PK many models!

  It is so funny!Let’s have a look!
  Do you often envy many models to show this brand?Why they are so beautiful when they carry this bag?Yeah,maybe you can have a try to go to the Longchamp outlet store with discount price!In the store,you can try different models by imitating those models’ dressing style to match the bags!If you do like this,you will have a special find!

  Firstly:When the summer comes,there are more popular with mini bags!And hit the bag hit probability is more higher than the clothes too much, what are the pursuit of unique you. Look at the recent female star street shooting, a lot of people are no longer satisfied with a single package to bring a sense of style, all playing the Mini bags in Longchamp outlet store!

  Secondly:Longchamp Le Pliage bag, which just like carrying different size things become an easy job to do.These bags are leisure and simple.In this era when everything can be played, these fancy shopping bags, and canvas bags can become your modeling tool!At this time,I just tell you that the brand bags’ texture is very super!

  Thirdly:This year,you can find different styles of bags in Longchamp sale online shop with fast delivery and free shipping!They are all very beautiful!If you feel too plain and dull ,maybe you can look at the stamp, fresh and bright.As for me,I love the color wave, lively design, fresh and bright and plus practical package dumplings.Aha,I feel that I can't rain equitably, I just like this one!

  Fourthly:Longchamp tote bags are definitely the star and ordinary people's heart of love.Smart Cute bag, and bag body collocation beautiful eye-catching color, not only beautiful,their dumplings capacity are also very practical.Various objects can easily travel the necessary place, do large tote bag is great drops, and completely has large classic, which have the super price oh!

  Finally:Longchamp classic tote without much explanation,which are light and all match.And whether it is a commuter school, or travel, taking it is right!Further,it is made of waterproof nylon, with leather decoration and double handles at the top.You can be folded, convenient carrying super and a leather texture, they are so awesome!

  As a matter of fact,In a variety of gorgeous fashion collocation, simple collocation is very fashionable.I quite agree this view!In the winter of 2010, under the trend of metal LOOK fashion, a variety of fashionable exquisite bags were born.And the Longchamp bags have the most charming bags and we will get stuck in the charm of them!

  OK,a good new for you:You can buy cheap Longchamp bags with wholesale price now!Carrying this brand,you will be very nice!

Monday, October 23, 2017

I’d like to invent a universal Longchamp bag.

I’d like to invent a universal Longchamp bag.
   I am a forgetful primary school student. I often forget this and forget to bring it. This big problem is a big headache for me. I want to invent a versatile schoolbag in the future to solve this difficult problem.Yes,these bags are still the cheap Longchamp bags!

  The versatile bag I want to invent a white, blue , green, gray, purple five colors for you to choose from. There is a small LCD screen strap it bag. The size is small, probably only an ordinary bag 2/3 as large.versatile schoolbag, as the name suggests, is versatile bag. And shop for these bags in Longchamp sale online shop with low price in the future.
 Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

  Don’t look at it like the humble, many functions! Its shape is small, but the capacity is amazing, is twenty times the volume of ordinary schoolbags. Why? Because when you put things in, his volume will be reduced by 50 times, the weight will also be reduced, allowing you to go to school easily.

  Here, you might want to ask, books have become so small, find it much trouble! Don’t worry, you just put what you need on the LCD screen, and this thing will bounce automatically and revert to its original size. Versatile bag has two kinds of reminding device: reminders and forgetful helpers.You just have to do what you need to do on the LCD screen for a day , and when it’s time, its micro broadcasting system will tell you what to do. And the forgetful helper is more interesting.

  If you forget to bring something , the bag will light a small red light and make a noise , “something falls off, it’s gone!” remind you to take everything.
 Longchamp tote bag

  The most amazing function is the translation function. If you don't know a foreign language and need to talk with a foreign friend, the translation system of versatile schoolbag will be of great use.The other is a British, what do you want to say to him (her) record with versatile bag,Point " Eng " key again, it will put your words in English to foreign guests. For the same reason,record the foreigner's words, " Che " key point, again will communicate the meaning of the foreign guests to you. So, won't because language is different from person to person and affect communication.

  With this versatile bag in Longchamp outlet store, we believe that our life will be better. Believing can also help more people solve this difficult problem and bring more convenience to people.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

From the ages of five to fifty years old can carry a bag, probably only Longchamp backpack can do!

From the ages of five to fifty years old can carry a bag, probably only Longchamp backpack can do!

Today want to say is the Longchamp backpack, a practical single product to you may think there is nothing to say, but it is because of its high practical value, is often neglected, if you just take it as a can to fill N pounds of goods travel "tools" , so you may be out, in fact its agitation effect is not low, is the so-called to throw all of practical and fashionable all embrace in the arms is the most valuable item!Especially if you can carry a bag from the ages of 5 to 50, probably only Longchamp Bags can do it!

Don't look down upon its usage in a modern army, look back at the Longchamp Outlet Store, the Longchamp backpack is still use a lot of, after all, can put all cosmetics in, can also reduce the effect of age, The effect of two in one single product why do not take home?

Longchamp leather bag makes you more texture
Next will be talk about the choice of the Longchamp backpack,Longchamp Le Pliage backpack with N + 1 kind of classification, but this time only said one of the most common leather backpack, why first recommend this category?Because everyone knows,only chosen good leather fabric, can help you improve 80 % of temperament, it is so magical, this kind of extremely high - grade fabrics, must choose good, this ability won praise for you!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The mien of Longchamp bags.

The mien of Longchamp bags.
   As the saying goes:“Every woman all want to have a pair of good shoes.”So,every woman also want to have a Longchamp handbags.Perhaps they are not too gorgeous,complex design and decoration.However,they can know your heart.Even it is just a understated silent black, to the largest extent exudes the taste of you.

   Thus,these cheap Longchamp bags is in the eyes of the bags for those women at affordable price.Those are understated,simple and full of lingering charm.Now,I am a girl who will interpret of fashion to guide you to see Longchamp style.

  In fact,as the development of Longchamp,more and more women all pursuit them.Because these bags have their own soul.Another,their design is simple,brief and generous.You can also find there isn’t any decoration of these bags.Yeah,this is Longchamp's spirit that can show classic luxury in simple style.However,every year,new handbag may have innovation in color and don’t break away from their own soul.This is also men’ s soul!

  I still remember a editor said Longchamp is not only as a symbol of value for their external decorate,but also more often than the cultural identity as the internal display,which is always a woman who just like the evil general pursuit of the brand.Because in the 21 century,there is a popular word that women dress to please themselves, but not for men.Hence,I think that this is a soul of cognitive women for twenty-first century.

  Its rare leather by multiple processing and there is nothing comparable to this luxurious texture.In addition to this,it comes from Italy exquisite workmanship and have every delicate process.They are including a leather hand sewn along the trim line,and heritage of Florence unique saddle making process.This makes Longchamp revealed a beautiful art and comparable quality.

  We had entered 12 century and also become the fashion leader.People began to worry about these bags in Longchamp sale online shop,these elegant handbag probably only suitable for collocation in the first lady in the closet - small set.But it is wrong.And I am sure that you can enjoy their fast delivery in there.With the development of fashion trend,these bags are also upgrade.On the foundation of keeping their original unique details,there is a gorgeous revolution.These bags had experienced so many,its classical charm is still remained.

  Taking a broad view,whatever in T station or street,you can still find there are so many boutiques,lots of fans and stories.However,when it comes to this topic,this is fashion enthusiasts essential staff,we can say they are all the streets of winning "overlord".We can find that these bags  are not only related with people, but also inextricably linked with love.In fact,it is also a living individual was given the luxury property to the soul.

   If you enter a Longchamp outlet store,you can find that no matter  itself, or behind the story,every woman all obsessed with them!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

You are what you have in Longchamp bag | what kind of type do you belong to?

You are what you have in Longchamp bag | what kind of type do you belong to?

Smell the fragrant know what kinds of woman, the same to bag, it was said that the bag is like a second face, always able to extend your personality. A custom Longchamp lambskin bag can explain all of this.

Longchamp Sale Online Shop offer 12 kinds of colors, 4 kinds of bags type, there are two kinds of imprint engraved ways to highlight your unique and subliminal expression of your personality.

If you choose imprint

Personality understated pursuit of the texture of you, I suggest you choose a black or auburn bag body and bright color strap handle, matched with a special impression of the embossed logo, perfect interpretation of elegant introverted.

If you choose to punch
If you character is a conspicuous and vitality,has always willing to express a bold fashion attitude. The bag body and shoulder straps flip a strong contrast color selection, with a slightly punk-inspired punch logo that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Small leather has a new twist
The small things in bag is necessary but very trivial, you want to solve this problem in one fell swoop, Longchamp leather bag Weapon for you, small Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag to store your makeup helper, keep a good complexion at any time. And the key and all kinds of cards are stored in the multi-storey wallet or card package, no longer need to turned over. Bag and small leather with the same color matching play a higher sense, the collision color matching more Fun, personality options with you.

With a small sheepskin custom Le Pliage to test your personality maturity between friends, and invite you to come to our Longchamp Outlet Online Store to purchase a cheap Longchamp bags.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The experience of my Longchamp bags.

The experience of my Longchamp bags.
  As for those beautiful girls.if they don't have the popular costumes for that season,they can't go outside at all! It's not so easy to buy a suitable bag.

 I am here to talk about the interesting things about Longchmp!
 As for me,I am not a “bags’ control.”But I am the same as other girls.And I am always lack of a Longchamp in my wardrobe.So,recently,I had bought so many this brand bags.To be honest,I am not a white,rich and a beautiful girl.However,I just want to buy a common bag.I don’t have LV,Hermes and some other luxury bags.The only I have is the cheap Longchamp bags.

 You must remember that every bag has its value.Once you have one,you should remember it.Especial when you are tired it,you can have a beautiful memories.
 This is the stories of myself.At that time,it was a new style and stood  in the Longchamp outlet store was the most eye-catching position.They  are not to be underestimated due to its three-dimensional.
 When I married my husband,his company organize a travel to France.So,I wanted him to buy a famous Longchamp handbags for me.Because at that time,I am real a lover of this bag.So I just want to buy one.He said when he saw that,he knew I must love it.So,my first Longchamp occurred.
 Though it begins with a Longchamp,it will be the Longchamp again!

 At that time,I don't know why I am so crushed with the Longchamp.Maybe it's because there are more and more perfect designers occur.So,there are more bags occur in shop.And the consumers have more impulsion.

 After using it,I don't have any implus for others bags any longer.It was about 2012,I saw this brand in flea market.In the market,I saw a sister wanted to resell this bags.At that time,it was a hot brand.And now,I had witnessed its experience.As the saying goes:“As deep as sea.”It’s quite right.And I bought so many these bags.All over the world,its popularity is higher and higher.

  As a common urban women,beauty needs rational consumption.And some like a luxury.I am believe that most people can’t afford them.But as for the Longchamp,you must believe them.It’s real nice,including their price and fashion degrees.
  In a word,it will never beyond of the Longchamp the cheap longchamp bags at Longchamp sale online shop with affordable price

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Longchamp Handbags adhering to Less is more

Compared to LV and Gucci and other big luxury, Longchamp Handbags gives the overall impression is relatively low-key sound, like the brand's most famous Longchamp Le Pliage, the appearance is not so "outstanding", but rarely appear poor and controversial. Whether it is a young girl or to buy food of the grandmother, almost necessary.

 Longchamps adhering to Less is more

Longchamp Outlet was founded in 1948, although it has been owned and operated by the Cassegrain family, but it is completely lacking the "innovative" genes. In the 1970s, Longchamp bags used nylon as a material in the production of suitcases, and then designed the production of nylon can be folded into the size of the envelope Le Pliage, which is well-known as Longchamp Le Pliage.

So many years later, we may be tired of the LV and Gucci logo bags, like the small monster on the Fendi, but it seems to never be outdated Cheap Longchamp Bags maintained a long love.

2016 Longchamp Outlet Store turnover of 553 million euros, in the past 10 to 15 years, Longchamp annual average growth rate of about 12%. Compared to the world’s brand, the results are not stunning, but enough stable.

Longchamp has been demanding the production process of the bag, each of the various parts of the luggage are handmade, even the lining part, including the inner bag, zipper, metal leather edge is also meticulous, elegant, making bags of craftsmen must undergo a rigorous training in 4-5 months. Longchamp is a relatively high cost of a luxury brand, nylon Le Pliage Longchamp sale in the 1000-1500 RMB, the price of other leather bag ranging from 6000-15000RMB.

Although the positioning of the luxury brand, but because it is family business, Longchamp with a very faithful family concept, gives the overall feeling is friendly and approachable, without luxury to bring a sense of distance, which may be One of the reasons favored by consumers.

Some people have evaluated Longchamp too classic and the lack of change, the annual a classic or a limited amount of customization. Facing the current variety of luxury dazzling design, Longchamp is a heterogeneous, has been adhering to the Less is more, no matter how the fashion trend changes, respect for the power of the classic.

A bit typical of Paris women's fashion concept, they understand the fashion trend, but in a very restrained and elegant way, such as reducing the body color, leaving only the punchline.

In the economic good times, Longchamp bags will appear as a functional bag; and in the economic downturn, Longchamp products with quiet emotions and simple design, to meet the psychological demands of consumers. Just as the rise of MUJI, no brand logo does not show off the goods at the right time.

Longchamp's are also has changed, but the brand has been patiently controlled, such as only minor details of the adjustment, color changes, limited edition launch, and art masters. Longchamp CEO has always believed that the brand's goal is not to sell, but thinking about how to do 20 years 30 years later, consumers will still like these products.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Those years,I had the Longchamp bag

Those years,I had the Longchamp bag

 I still remember that I bought my first bag in Longchamp outlet store,which was the pink one.And form that time,I had used it for one year.For me,I hope this bag can accompany forever.

 And there are many series of Longchamp bags,such as the nylon and sheepskin materials.Of course,there are many material of cowhide,which is real good and durable.So we can use it for long time.

 Following,let me show two healing Longchamp bag for you!

 Firstly:the salute legend series of Heritage.
 Of course,these bags feature its salute legend color in this season.It uses a traditional way to fold nylon bag of trapezoid contour and produce this cowhide bags.And these series of the bags are very stiff and can change its color with its upgrade color,such as pure color and color matching.So,I can this series has creativity constantly.

 The salute legend series of Heritage had shown its grace.I am sure that everyone want to know the red bags always have a apparent gas field,especial when your costume is single and you want to make it more bright!In addition to this,the color matching bags of the salute legend are more casual and elegant.Aha,I had bought it a few days ago!

  Second:the series of Longchamp HonorĂ© 404.
  You may be know it was launched in 2015.Its cortex is more soft than the legend and more harder than the sheepskin.Of course,it feels very good among so many Longchamp bags.

  And the logo of positive gold plate is very  three-dimensional, very delicate.There is no zipper of the two sides of pockets.But there is a hook.And inside this bag,there is a zipper pocket and have a shock absorber layer.So,you can never worried about to put the ipad into it.

  For me,I had bought the autumn and winter color of 2015.Do you know why I bought this?The answer is very easy.Yeah,Longchamp sale promotion at that time.But now,I am very regret.Because there are more beautiful colors launched,such as the baby pink and baby blue.So,I decide to save money to buy them.Aha!Besides that,my favorite star who is Zhang Yixing.She had one and her bags are very all matched and graceful!

 So,whatever its appearance ,brand or work,which is very perfect!Of course,I had bought many bags in Longchamp sale online shop.So,I like write or photograph something for these bags in the circle of friend .So,welcome to come here of to buy these perfect bags!

Monday, March 20, 2017

The warm heart story of Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bags

The warm heart story of Longchamp Le Pliage Tote bags.
  "Why is your Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote Bags so dirty?"After breakfast,my husband told me one day.I had a look at the Longchamp Le Pliage small,which is a very common bag that is a pink one and very simple and old. Perhaps I had used them for long time.And even worse,the white line had become gray.
Cheap Longchamp Eiffel Tower Tote Bags Rose
  In order to change my image that I decided to buy a bag. Although I love shopping bags and also like collecting my favorite bags.But in fact,I don’t like change my bags all the time.Because every time when I change my bag,I will occur lots of troubles.

  I am a teacher,and I still remember when I went to work at that day,I just carried this Longchamp bag.But I forgot taking my driver's license.

  I thought it was real a bad day!Because there was a cop who stood in the street,I was so embarrassed because I was driving without license.When I saw the cop,I just wanted to speed up and rushed.Another,I was afraid that he would be doubt that if I was guilty.So,there was a cop that raised his hat.And when I passes him,my heart beat heavily.Because I thought that He asked me for stopping my car.So at that day,I drove very carefully.I was so impressed when I saw baffling expression of that cop.

  Another example,that was a morning,I took my students went hiking.In order convenience,I took my Longchamp leather bag.So at that day,I just like a student with them.All the way,I became a cute and young student by carrying this bag. Even more,my student asked me where did I get this cheap Longchamp bags?

  When I arrive the travel agency,in order to show my politeness,I stopped in front of the driver of this travel agency and said “Hello,teacher!I am the class teacher of this class.We are sorry to trouble of you today,please pay attention to your safety!”

  But the master's eyes seemed to have been watching the students coming from afar.So after some seconds,he focused his eyes and told me “What,you are a head teacher?I thought there was coming another student again!”
Longchamp Classic Travel Bags Chocolate
  I laughed:it was all the charm of Longchamp bags.

  There are so any funny things due to buying the Longcahmp bags.So I want to buy another type bag. I want to buy a short handle,long handle,the big size,the small size and so on.After that,I think I need all types of Longchamp Le Pliage bags.Aha!

   So,I made a finally decision that buying a Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote Bags in Longchamp Outlet Official Online.Because I am a teacher and I should put many things into it.So the bag will be very fit for me.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I love,I show—cheap Longchamp bags

I love,I show—cheap Longchamp bags.
The Longchamp bags is real without turning back when we see it for the fight sight.The only we can do is to control ourselves,but it’s very easy to fall into the danger of vanity and compare with the higher.

Every season,every brand will launch their own leading bags. All kinds of forums and magazines will give publicity to these bags.Though there are so many bags occur in front of you,you still can’t refuse the Cheap Longchamp bags.Finally,there is no doubt that you will choose it this brand.

To be honest,I am very crazy for this brand bag.Many people often persuade me not to always buy this brand and told me that maybe we can try another brand bags.But I only love the cheap Longchamp bags from the bottom of my heart due to its high cost performance.There is a famous saying:“You should ask yourself if you dare use this brand bag or be willing to part with it before you buy a bag ”So as for those timid women who treat themselves are very stint,they should be careful of this road of using luxury bags.Warm tips:Using luxury bag,mastering a rule that you shouldn’t become a slave of bags.

For example,I have some types of Longchamp Le Pliage bags.All these bags without have the weight sense of leather texture.Another,there are large capacity and very convenient and practical for customers.What’s more,
Longchamp Sale the material uses special nylon and leather handle.The concise and generous design had deduced the amorous feeling of Europe.Whatever you match suit or just the leisure clothes,which can all stand out your vogue and taste.
Longchamp Le Pliage Classic Medium Tote Bags Red
Once upon a time,I had a red Longchamp Le Pliage Medium short handle bag.I still remember that I bought it in one summer. And so far,it’s still complete in my wardrobe.The Chinese red are so gorgeous that you can win the mental aura when you attend an important occasion.I am sure that you will be the strongest eye whatever you attend any occasion.Another,in the series summer,taking this brand bag,you will fade out its dull and single.At this time,maybe you can change your mood by collocate different Longchamp bags.So your temperature will be stand out easily.

What’s more,I can't help saying the commerate style of horse year of 2014.It’s a short handle Longchamp bag and had a suitable size.Comparing previous single design,there is a special word of “LONGCHAMP” in the lining .It’s long shoulder belt is black and gold,which have 92cm to adjust.And the inner zipper has the special Chinese character of “Ma”!They are all my lover of the red and black bags!In a word,they are luxury but low profile.

It’s real worth to buy a Longchamp Bags.Get the best cheap Longchamp Bags at 
Longchamp Outlet Store Online.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to buy a desirable Longchamp bag

How to buy a desirable Longchamp bag
 If there is no handbag to install our daily needs, presumably most people can not survive it But if only because the Longchamp handbag has such a function and ignore the appearance of it is not too boring, especially today's popular standards, so I suggest that you do not buy a basic function of the Longchamp handbag as a matter Of course. Here for everyone to introduce the top nine tips about buy best Longchamp handbags.
1. The bright color of Longchamp Planetes Bags is the most beautiful
Dressed in jeans and t-shirts or traditional dark suits, a bright orange, red or pink Longchamp Cosmetic Bag can make you instantly shine.

2.Oversized Longchamp handbag is the most convenient
If with something stuffed in the pocket of the dress, it will give a person very messy feeling. And the small bag becomes full, although very convenient, but it will seriously affect its appearance. So if you have a lot of things to bring out, large bag with a small handbag will be a good suggestion, you can put the small bag in the large bags, convenient and neatly.

3. The black, brown color Longchamp handbag are all - match
There is no time, energy, or capital to take a different bags for your everyday collocation. The black and brown color of Longchamp Le Pliage handbag will be your best choice! This combination can set off the level of skin color , and in some cases, give a person a feel refreshing.

4. Longchamp Handbags - the most practical
Can be slung over the shoulder or carry, Can be based on your needs or dress collocation with the change at any time. The most suitable for young girls to go shopping.

5. Chain handbag the most elegant and delicate
 With metal chain as a bag, handbag can increase the feeling of exquisite, but also improve the overall shape of collocation.

 6. Rivet handbag is the most rocking
A heavy metal trim bag makes you look cool. A lot of individual youth is the type loyal.

7. Longchamp Handbags & Tote Sale
Cylindrical retro bag gives the feeling of elegance, and is very suitable for work and formal occasions.
8. According to the stature to choose package
Stature petty, do not carry a bag cover the whole person. Choose some small and medium-sized bag will be more suitable. And tall girls, do not choose small and exquisite type bags, these bags will make your body proportion instantaneous imbalance, so choose a large size of the Longchamp handbag will be the best choice.

9.The old handbag should retired
We were can nostalgic, but we still have to realize that it is time to change a new Longchamp Le Pliage bag at Longchamp Outlet Online Store. Holes, stains, worn, incomplete bag means that it really should be retired.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The kinds of Longchamp bags that stem from weird designers.

Perhaps you don't know that there are 19 kinds of Longchamp Bags that stem from weird designers who is Jeremy Scott.

We all know that the Longchamp bags are always change every day.Today,it’s popular with this,and tomorrow it will be changed.So we can say every season,they always change.In short time, the rapid popularity of the important design elements will effect the bags’ design in the follow days.If you want to prove it,you can find these bags in Longchamp on sale with cheap price.

I had better say whatever you have cheap Longchamp bags that they are the proud of model clothes.Following,I want to share some kinds of the “cooperation style”of Longchamp bags that are designed by Jeremy Scott.

Firstly:Spring 2017-Telephone.It's the first cooperation of weird designer and Longchamp brand. He used simple elements and the design of circle line winding will make people fresh and new.Especially for the vigorous development of this brand,which model was very special.

Secondly:Autumn 2007 – Poodle bag.The autumn and winter style is not very stable,which occurs bright color and cute dogs.Further,there is a mark that written famous designer’s name.At this circmstance,you will have the feeling of admire.

Thirdly,Spring 2008 – Stomp Bag.It seems that there are a few footprints in the back of the bags,which is funny and humorous.I am sure that all of iron ladies will love this style.

Fourthly:Autumn 2008–Gold Card bag.This design lies in its pattern of the bags. Even though,the designer print the gold card into it.So many people wonder if this number is real.Haha,it’s so funny.

Fifthly:Spring 2009 – Floral Flights bag. I'm believe that many girls will love the rose style.Because I love it ,too.And I always think this bag is telling a romantic stories for me.

Sixthly:Spring 2010 – Bones bag.Pink bone bags.At first sight,you will find it’s a cotton pattern,but you will find it’s a bone of “a samll piece of muscle”.So many fans will wonder what the designer has experienced.

Seventhly:Autumn 2014 – Madballs two bags.
In 2014,it uses the element of “Crazy ball to invade the earth”,which is ferocious yet very wonderful that you can’t say anything.So the young will love this type.

Eightly:Autumn 2012 – Keyboard bag.There is a rich keyboard in the bags,if you fell it’s so cute and want to have one?Of course,for me,I real have one!
Ninthly: Autumn 2015 - Humpy Dumpty bag. Perhaps many people don’t understand this bag.In fact,the “Humpy Dumpty”is the meaning of “little fat man”.Perhaps it shows the little,fat and dump things.But you can't fin this image in the bags,you just can't find a group of cute animals.

Tenthly:Spring 2016 – Remote Control bag.This bag is best selling of 2016 new type.It’s whole pattern is a TV wall,which you can view the world by changing any channel.The most important is that this is cheap Longchamp bags and suitable for modern society in 2016.
Ok,we had talked about so wonderful Longchamp bags above.if everyone can remind the fashionable scenery that this brand?About these bags,what kinds of bags is your favorite?Anyway,I have it!Yeah,if you have interested in these bags,you can get it from Longchamp Outlet store with best quality and 100% guarantee!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Now,you can customize Longchamp bags online!

The classical movies always bracket the love and fashion.And it seems that the wardrobe is more safer than men's heart.As for women,There is more personal and private things than selecting a boyfriends. And shop for these customizing bags at Longchamp Outlet Store Online.Perhaps you can’t wait for a man for one year,but you absolute spend a year to customize a bag that only belongs to yourself.Because how changes of the world,and the love can be fade away,only the bags can be always there with you.

Topic one:Yeah,How tall Longchamp brand is!

 About customizing a Longchamp Bag,you can design your own name and a folding bag.In the 2015,there is launched the personal customize service online from exquisite wallet to cosmetic bags and long or short handle bags.So,every customer can enjoy this service now!Though the Longchamp was started for noble,ladies can also enjoy a series of “customizing service” for your ideas easily.So every lady can collocate and change their clothes freely.What’s more,there are many colors and types for them to choose and customize.The diversified choice must be attractive them.

 Topic two:classical design and never out of date!

 For example,the Longchamp Le Pliage,which is called the dumpling bags.And it had launched in 1993.We can say it has a long history than you know other classical bags.So I can say it is real qualified to be a bag that never out of date.However,with the increasing of annual price,these classical bags are still have very cheap than some other brands bags.

 Topic three:the winner of practical.

 When it comes to the Longchamp,many people will think the nylon style of Longchamp Le Pliage.It's so practical that everyone will consider theses bags as their best choice for commuting bags. Of course,this is one reason why there are so many people will choose this bag including famous female stars.They can carry this bag and collocate personal accessories and then show their natural and unrestrained.

 Topic four:private custom,only belongs to you!
It’s real that there are a few brands can launch this customize service.Because it's real difficult to produce these bags.Another,every bag had its unique feature.So most of brands only offer the printing letters service unless you are VIP.. Besides customers can customize letters and figures,they can match more personal effect.And these kinds of the bags are very adaptable as a gift to others.And after customizing,you can also choose more delicate gift wrapping.

 How? Are you beckoning? When the costumes are related with you,do you want to have one cheap Longchamp bags and have more many discount from the bottom of your heart? Of course,the Longchamp also add more warm colors for Asia area,which is more suitable for their complexion!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Beautiful loving story of Longchamp bags.

A few days ago,I watched a TV series of “In time with you.”And the protagonists are the handsome boy and beautiful girls,Cheng Youqing and Li Daren.

There is a impressed details in my mind.The Li is a predecessor who is a rich and handsome boy. He wanted to buy a Longchamp bags make his girlfriend happy.He thought that the Cheng had a good taste all his female friends.So he asked her for help.After Cheng chose,she also wanted to buy one for herself suddenly.After that Li wanted to settle counts for her. However,Li grabbed her bag and said to him:“I want to buy a Cheap Longchamp bags with my own money and carry my own stories.”

Yes,it carries our female own stories.

It’s true that this is a story of the time that Longchamp bag follows the owner.Though all of this,you can nearly describe the living situation of a women.You can pour the count in the past.Besides the common bunches of keys,wallet and mobile phone,you can see many scattered coins in the Longchamp bags. You can also taxi check and the market shopping list.Another,maybe there are movies tickets and lots of shopping votes on the stub.From these,you can guess what movies she had seen and what type movies she likes.Further,you can infer her shopping rate,likes and ability.

 I am a nostalgic woman..Even though I had used them for long time.What’s more,they look a little old and there are some wrinkles on the surface of the bags.But I want to tell you they are all one hand and I am often not willing to use them.These kinds of Longchamp sale are very soft and  they are very adaptable for carry.You can also put something into it.Especial they are very convenient for you to hang out or excursion.I still remembered that Longchamp bags were come form my ex-boyfriend.He often buy me lots of Longchamp bags at Longchamp Outlet store.Though we hadn’t together any longer,but I still miss him when I saw Longchamp bags in my room.All in all,I had missed him for three years just as I cherish the memory of my every bag.And I can’t lay down these bags just like I can’t lay down myself to him.

I still remembered that a famous people had said that if the female just to pursue the brand,she will lose her unique personality.Especial when you can’t buy those brands,you always think all methods to buy them.It’s quite wrong behavior.

Buying bags and collect stories or just a short memories.Is it not to witness the owner’s work and life ,even the love?

70 years of Longchamp

Under the guidance of Philippe, his three children are already joining the family business, and now the company affairs have been taken over...