Monday, January 9, 2017

Beautiful loving story of Longchamp bags.

A few days ago,I watched a TV series of “In time with you.”And the protagonists are the handsome boy and beautiful girls,Cheng Youqing and Li Daren.

There is a impressed details in my mind.The Li is a predecessor who is a rich and handsome boy. He wanted to buy a Longchamp bags make his girlfriend happy.He thought that the Cheng had a good taste all his female friends.So he asked her for help.After Cheng chose,she also wanted to buy one for herself suddenly.After that Li wanted to settle counts for her. However,Li grabbed her bag and said to him:“I want to buy a Cheap Longchamp bags with my own money and carry my own stories.”

Yes,it carries our female own stories.

It’s true that this is a story of the time that Longchamp bag follows the owner.Though all of this,you can nearly describe the living situation of a women.You can pour the count in the past.Besides the common bunches of keys,wallet and mobile phone,you can see many scattered coins in the Longchamp bags. You can also taxi check and the market shopping list.Another,maybe there are movies tickets and lots of shopping votes on the stub.From these,you can guess what movies she had seen and what type movies she likes.Further,you can infer her shopping rate,likes and ability.

 I am a nostalgic woman..Even though I had used them for long time.What’s more,they look a little old and there are some wrinkles on the surface of the bags.But I want to tell you they are all one hand and I am often not willing to use them.These kinds of Longchamp sale are very soft and  they are very adaptable for carry.You can also put something into it.Especial they are very convenient for you to hang out or excursion.I still remembered that Longchamp bags were come form my ex-boyfriend.He often buy me lots of Longchamp bags at Longchamp Outlet store.Though we hadn’t together any longer,but I still miss him when I saw Longchamp bags in my room.All in all,I had missed him for three years just as I cherish the memory of my every bag.And I can’t lay down these bags just like I can’t lay down myself to him.

I still remembered that a famous people had said that if the female just to pursue the brand,she will lose her unique personality.Especial when you can’t buy those brands,you always think all methods to buy them.It’s quite wrong behavior.

Buying bags and collect stories or just a short memories.Is it not to witness the owner’s work and life ,even the love?

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