Friday, January 20, 2017

The kinds of Longchamp bags that stem from weird designers.

Perhaps you don't know that there are 19 kinds of Longchamp Bags that stem from weird designers who is Jeremy Scott.

We all know that the Longchamp bags are always change every day.Today,it’s popular with this,and tomorrow it will be changed.So we can say every season,they always change.In short time, the rapid popularity of the important design elements will effect the bags’ design in the follow days.If you want to prove it,you can find these bags in Longchamp on sale with cheap price.

I had better say whatever you have cheap Longchamp bags that they are the proud of model clothes.Following,I want to share some kinds of the “cooperation style”of Longchamp bags that are designed by Jeremy Scott.

Firstly:Spring 2017-Telephone.It's the first cooperation of weird designer and Longchamp brand. He used simple elements and the design of circle line winding will make people fresh and new.Especially for the vigorous development of this brand,which model was very special.

Secondly:Autumn 2007 – Poodle bag.The autumn and winter style is not very stable,which occurs bright color and cute dogs.Further,there is a mark that written famous designer’s name.At this circmstance,you will have the feeling of admire.

Thirdly,Spring 2008 – Stomp Bag.It seems that there are a few footprints in the back of the bags,which is funny and humorous.I am sure that all of iron ladies will love this style.

Fourthly:Autumn 2008–Gold Card bag.This design lies in its pattern of the bags. Even though,the designer print the gold card into it.So many people wonder if this number is real.Haha,it’s so funny.

Fifthly:Spring 2009 – Floral Flights bag. I'm believe that many girls will love the rose style.Because I love it ,too.And I always think this bag is telling a romantic stories for me.

Sixthly:Spring 2010 – Bones bag.Pink bone bags.At first sight,you will find it’s a cotton pattern,but you will find it’s a bone of “a samll piece of muscle”.So many fans will wonder what the designer has experienced.

Seventhly:Autumn 2014 – Madballs two bags.
In 2014,it uses the element of “Crazy ball to invade the earth”,which is ferocious yet very wonderful that you can’t say anything.So the young will love this type.

Eightly:Autumn 2012 – Keyboard bag.There is a rich keyboard in the bags,if you fell it’s so cute and want to have one?Of course,for me,I real have one!
Ninthly: Autumn 2015 - Humpy Dumpty bag. Perhaps many people don’t understand this bag.In fact,the “Humpy Dumpty”is the meaning of “little fat man”.Perhaps it shows the little,fat and dump things.But you can't fin this image in the bags,you just can't find a group of cute animals.

Tenthly:Spring 2016 – Remote Control bag.This bag is best selling of 2016 new type.It’s whole pattern is a TV wall,which you can view the world by changing any channel.The most important is that this is cheap Longchamp bags and suitable for modern society in 2016.
Ok,we had talked about so wonderful Longchamp bags above.if everyone can remind the fashionable scenery that this brand?About these bags,what kinds of bags is your favorite?Anyway,I have it!Yeah,if you have interested in these bags,you can get it from Longchamp Outlet store with best quality and 100% guarantee!

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