Thursday, April 6, 2017

Those years,I had the Longchamp bag

Those years,I had the Longchamp bag

 I still remember that I bought my first bag in Longchamp outlet store,which was the pink one.And form that time,I had used it for one year.For me,I hope this bag can accompany forever.

 And there are many series of Longchamp bags,such as the nylon and sheepskin materials.Of course,there are many material of cowhide,which is real good and durable.So we can use it for long time.

 Following,let me show two healing Longchamp bag for you!

 Firstly:the salute legend series of Heritage.
 Of course,these bags feature its salute legend color in this season.It uses a traditional way to fold nylon bag of trapezoid contour and produce this cowhide bags.And these series of the bags are very stiff and can change its color with its upgrade color,such as pure color and color matching.So,I can this series has creativity constantly.

 The salute legend series of Heritage had shown its grace.I am sure that everyone want to know the red bags always have a apparent gas field,especial when your costume is single and you want to make it more bright!In addition to this,the color matching bags of the salute legend are more casual and elegant.Aha,I had bought it a few days ago!

  Second:the series of Longchamp HonorĂ© 404.
  You may be know it was launched in 2015.Its cortex is more soft than the legend and more harder than the sheepskin.Of course,it feels very good among so many Longchamp bags.

  And the logo of positive gold plate is very  three-dimensional, very delicate.There is no zipper of the two sides of pockets.But there is a hook.And inside this bag,there is a zipper pocket and have a shock absorber layer.So,you can never worried about to put the ipad into it.

  For me,I had bought the autumn and winter color of 2015.Do you know why I bought this?The answer is very easy.Yeah,Longchamp sale promotion at that time.But now,I am very regret.Because there are more beautiful colors launched,such as the baby pink and baby blue.So,I decide to save money to buy them.Aha!Besides that,my favorite star who is Zhang Yixing.She had one and her bags are very all matched and graceful!

 So,whatever its appearance ,brand or work,which is very perfect!Of course,I had bought many bags in Longchamp sale online shop.So,I like write or photograph something for these bags in the circle of friend .So,welcome to come here of to buy these perfect bags!

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