Monday, May 15, 2017

The experience of my Longchamp bags.

The experience of my Longchamp bags.
  As for those beautiful girls.if they don't have the popular costumes for that season,they can't go outside at all! It's not so easy to buy a suitable bag.

 I am here to talk about the interesting things about Longchmp!
 As for me,I am not a “bags’ control.”But I am the same as other girls.And I am always lack of a Longchamp in my wardrobe.So,recently,I had bought so many this brand bags.To be honest,I am not a white,rich and a beautiful girl.However,I just want to buy a common bag.I don’t have LV,Hermes and some other luxury bags.The only I have is the cheap Longchamp bags.

 You must remember that every bag has its value.Once you have one,you should remember it.Especial when you are tired it,you can have a beautiful memories.
 This is the stories of myself.At that time,it was a new style and stood  in the Longchamp outlet store was the most eye-catching position.They  are not to be underestimated due to its three-dimensional.
 When I married my husband,his company organize a travel to France.So,I wanted him to buy a famous Longchamp handbags for me.Because at that time,I am real a lover of this bag.So I just want to buy one.He said when he saw that,he knew I must love it.So,my first Longchamp occurred.
 Though it begins with a Longchamp,it will be the Longchamp again!

 At that time,I don't know why I am so crushed with the Longchamp.Maybe it's because there are more and more perfect designers occur.So,there are more bags occur in shop.And the consumers have more impulsion.

 After using it,I don't have any implus for others bags any longer.It was about 2012,I saw this brand in flea market.In the market,I saw a sister wanted to resell this bags.At that time,it was a hot brand.And now,I had witnessed its experience.As the saying goes:“As deep as sea.”It’s quite right.And I bought so many these bags.All over the world,its popularity is higher and higher.

  As a common urban women,beauty needs rational consumption.And some like a luxury.I am believe that most people can’t afford them.But as for the Longchamp,you must believe them.It’s real nice,including their price and fashion degrees.
  In a word,it will never beyond of the Longchamp the cheap longchamp bags at Longchamp sale online shop with affordable price

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Longchamp Handbags adhering to Less is more

Compared to LV and Gucci and other big luxury, Longchamp Handbags gives the overall impression is relatively low-key sound, like the brand's most famous Longchamp Le Pliage, the appearance is not so "outstanding", but rarely appear poor and controversial. Whether it is a young girl or to buy food of the grandmother, almost necessary.

 Longchamps adhering to Less is more

Longchamp Outlet was founded in 1948, although it has been owned and operated by the Cassegrain family, but it is completely lacking the "innovative" genes. In the 1970s, Longchamp bags used nylon as a material in the production of suitcases, and then designed the production of nylon can be folded into the size of the envelope Le Pliage, which is well-known as Longchamp Le Pliage.

So many years later, we may be tired of the LV and Gucci logo bags, like the small monster on the Fendi, but it seems to never be outdated Cheap Longchamp Bags maintained a long love.

2016 Longchamp Outlet Store turnover of 553 million euros, in the past 10 to 15 years, Longchamp annual average growth rate of about 12%. Compared to the world’s brand, the results are not stunning, but enough stable.

Longchamp has been demanding the production process of the bag, each of the various parts of the luggage are handmade, even the lining part, including the inner bag, zipper, metal leather edge is also meticulous, elegant, making bags of craftsmen must undergo a rigorous training in 4-5 months. Longchamp is a relatively high cost of a luxury brand, nylon Le Pliage Longchamp sale in the 1000-1500 RMB, the price of other leather bag ranging from 6000-15000RMB.

Although the positioning of the luxury brand, but because it is family business, Longchamp with a very faithful family concept, gives the overall feeling is friendly and approachable, without luxury to bring a sense of distance, which may be One of the reasons favored by consumers.

Some people have evaluated Longchamp too classic and the lack of change, the annual a classic or a limited amount of customization. Facing the current variety of luxury dazzling design, Longchamp is a heterogeneous, has been adhering to the Less is more, no matter how the fashion trend changes, respect for the power of the classic.

A bit typical of Paris women's fashion concept, they understand the fashion trend, but in a very restrained and elegant way, such as reducing the body color, leaving only the punchline.

In the economic good times, Longchamp bags will appear as a functional bag; and in the economic downturn, Longchamp products with quiet emotions and simple design, to meet the psychological demands of consumers. Just as the rise of MUJI, no brand logo does not show off the goods at the right time.

Longchamp's are also has changed, but the brand has been patiently controlled, such as only minor details of the adjustment, color changes, limited edition launch, and art masters. Longchamp CEO has always believed that the brand's goal is not to sell, but thinking about how to do 20 years 30 years later, consumers will still like these products.

70 years of Longchamp

Under the guidance of Philippe, his three children are already joining the family business, and now the company affairs have been taken over...