Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The new colors of Longchamp autumn and winter 2018 are here

Each season of Longchamp Le Pliage Leather Bag brings a fresh color game to the eyes of fashionistas eager for surprises. Autumn and winter 2018 new color attack, let popularity and grade double score!

With the return of the popular elephant,  the tone of "sexless" is highly advanced.Through the light and shadow nature presents the leather texture, small sheepskin soft tough high quality one by one magnification. Understated and not arrogant, each season can deduce the modern elegant demeanour of leisurely and confident.

In the autumn and winter season, a Longchamp bag filled with red wine and fragrant leaves makes you amazed. Warm and rich wine red with the queen's domineering light, elegant and gorgeous, sexy and intoxicating, perfect balance between vitality and deep connotation, to dominate the fashion circle.

The khaki with a green tone is calm and heavy, and it has a quite cool neutral military style. Compared with the dazzling fluorescent color system such as "grass green", it is more introverted and tolerant. Whether it is a male or an urban girl,  you can build a hard-nosed attitude to yourself.

It is the light of the intersection of the setting sun and the sky before the night falls, emitting a calm and subtle temperament. Like a piano poet noble and elegant, with the temperament of melancholy literature, never drifting, persevering to be yourself, is the fashionable attribute that never fades.

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