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Longchamp 2020 Fall Winter Show

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In the fourth fashion show of New York Fashion Week, creative director Sophie Delafontaine conceived of a Parisian woman who is constantly moving forward and constantly pursuing new things. She is the protagonist in her own movie, a complex character with multiple characteristics, rather than a superficial single image.

70s was an Age of Spiritual Freedom

Delafontaine believes that the 70s is a starting point. It was an age of spiritual freedom. Self-expression was a distinctive feature of trendy women at the time, including Catherine Deneuve, Romy Schneider and Stéphane Audran. Each of them has their own style. Their distinctive ideas make them stand out from the crowd. And every work in this series also reflects this style.

Each suit is independent, showing a distinct personality, but can be linked together through rich colors and textures. A bomber jacket with a shearling collar can be paired with a midi skirt or black gauze dress decorated with light wool embroidery. Bermuda leather pants can be cleverly matched with patterned pullovers, puff sleeve shirts or capes. The playful long dress is decorated with eye-catching Micano patterns. The upper body of the over-the-knee jacket fits snugly, and then gradually unfolds to present a charming body line.

The ingenious combination of cognac-colored leather, terracotta-colored suede and red patent leather conveys full energy and enthusiasm, reminiscent of Josef Albers’s colorful artworks and John Chamberlain’s sculptures made from abandoned cars. color. Of course, the speed and vitality of the racing car design is not only reflected in the colors and patterns, but also in the volume and contour structure.

The belt harmonizes bold colors. Added graceful lines and feminine charm. Blends with the soft and comfortable style of the 70s. Bright tones over the knee high-heeled boots make the overall silhouette smoother and the color contrast is more vivid, with green, yellow and silver options. Among them, the ingenious detail design, that is, a chain with a ball on the upper, doubles the overall shape.

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cheap Longchamp Le Pliage
cheap Longchamp Le Pliage

Classic bags are also presented in new forms this season, adding highlights to the entire collection. On the show floor, bags of various sizes in the cheap Longchamp Le Pliage series were displayed, ranging from mini-size to oversize. Roseau series’ iconic slub button metal accessories were also presented in new proportions. Delafontaine relaunched Longchamp 1980, Longchamp’s first “must-have” big hot bag. Cheap Longchamp bags passed down was also her choice when she was young. Whether it is embossed calfskin shaped like crocodile skin or snake skin, or a mixture of various leathers to form a Meccano pattern. Each style shows a distinct personality and style.

Distinctive personal style and free expression consciousness are the essence of the charm of Parisian women. They are chic, elegant, fashionable, and full of movie atmosphere, and they always catch people’s attention in the lens.