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Longchamp outlet store

In the US market, Longchamp has opened its own retail store in the 1950s. In 1984 Longchamp opened its first boutique in the United States on Madison Avenue in New York. In 1993, Longchamp opened its own office in New York, USA. In 2006, Longchamp opened its own flagship store in the SOHO district of New York. By 2014, Longchamp had opened 17 branches in North America.

In the European market, in 1988, Longchamp opened the brand’s first boutique at 390 Saint-Honore Road, Paris, France. In 1999, in order to expand the sales area, the boutique was moved to 404 Saint Honoré Road. In 2013, Longchamp opened a boutique in London. In December 2014, Longchamp opened another brand boutique in Paris. This shop has a total area of 500 square meters on two floors. Men’s and women’s accessories, luggage, ready-to-wear and shoes are all available in the store. Longchamp currently has its own boutiques in major European cities such as London, Rome, Barcelona, Munich and Vienna.

In the Asian market, Longchamp has entered China since 2006. In 2011, Longchamp opened a boutique “La Maison 8” in Hong Kong. One year later, Longchamp opened seven more branches in China, including Beijing and Shanghai. There are 50 stores worldwide. In 2014, Longchamp operated 22 stores in Southeast Asia, and their sales accounted for 10% of global sales.

Global business

In 2013, Longchamp began to invest in the construction of its own logistics center to support the long-term development of the brand. Longchamp built its logistics center in Segré, Paris, covering a total area of 23,000 square meters, twice the size of the original. Longchamp is working hard to expand the international distribution network and sales scope of its products.

Longchamp has its own distribution in more than 80 countries around the world, such as Brazil, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Canada, Austria, Macau, Cambodia, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur[8], Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. The internet. Longchamp also plans to build brand boutiques in and to expand the brand’s market in the Middle East. In Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, Longchamp also has its own dealership stores.

Longchamp outlet has more than 300 boutiques and more than 1,500 sales points around the world, including: wholly-owned franchise boutiques department store counters, high-end leather goods brands, airport stores and online sales and other 20 distribution channels.