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Longchamp outlet store

In the US market, Longchamp has opened its own retail store in the 1950s. In 1984 Longchamp opened its first boutique in the United States on Madison Avenue in New York. In 1993, Longchamp opened its own office in New York, USA. In 2006, Longchamp opened its own flagship store in the SOHO district of New York. By 2014, Longchamp had opened 17 branches in North America.

In the European market, in 1988, Longchamp opened the brand’s first boutique at 390 Saint-Honore Road, Paris, France. In 1999, in order to expand the sales area, the boutique was moved to 404 Saint Honoré Road. In 2013, Longchamp opened a boutique in London. In December 2014, Longchamp opened another brand boutique in Paris. This shop has a total area of 500 square meters on two floors. Men’s and women’s accessories, luggage, ready-to-wear and shoes are all available in the store. Longchamp currently has its own boutiques in major European cities such as London, Rome, Barcelona, Munich and Vienna.

In the Asian market, Longchamp has entered China since 2006. In 2011, Longchamp opened a boutique “La Maison 8” in Hong Kong. One year later, Longchamp opened seven more branches in China, including Beijing and Shanghai. There are 50 stores worldwide. In 2014, Longchamp operated 22 stores in Southeast Asia, and their sales accounted for 10% of global sales.

Global business

In 2013, Longchamp began to invest in the construction of its own logistics center to support the long-term development of the brand. Longchamp built its logistics center in Segré, Paris, covering a total area of 23,000 square meters, twice the size of the original. Longchamp is working hard to expand the international distribution network and sales scope of its products.

Longchamp has its own distribution in more than 80 countries around the world, such as Brazil, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Canada, Austria, Macau, Cambodia, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur[8], Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. The internet. Longchamp also plans to build brand boutiques in and to expand the brand’s market in the Middle East. In Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, Longchamp also has its own dealership stores.

Longchamp outlet has more than 300 boutiques and more than 1,500 sales points around the world, including: wholly-owned franchise boutiques department store counters, high-end leather goods brands, airport stores and online sales and other 20 distribution channels.

Longchamp bags: The best choice for starting out in the workplace

Longchamp outlet

It’s summertime again. It’s time for a year when a large number of boys and girls leave school and start their first jobs. In fact, for newcomers in the workplace, how to use clothing to conceal their childishness also requires a little thought. Bags are very important collocation items and a business card for you to pass on to the people around you.

Many people in the workplace who have entered society will have a special ability. This ability is through a person carrying a bag to determine the character traits and status of this person.These discerning professionals usually look at the bag in someone’s hand to be able to roughly locate the person to his or her social class. Thus, if we want to hold the atmosphere in the workplace or the people that may ignore you, choose a suitable bags are of great significance.

There is a fact that the newcomer in the workplace should not carry expensive and extravagant bag. Its you guys must believe me, carrying a bag that is too extravagant gives you far less positive feedback than negative feedback. Therefore, the practical and versatile commuter bag for work is the most recommended.

I am highly recommend cheap Longchamp bag

For those who have just stepped into the workplace, the bag that you carry with can neither be too expensive nor without texture. The style cannot be too old, and certainly not too exaggerated. At the same time, the bag on the back needs to show the taste and temperament of the backpacker.

The Le Piliage series of women’s folding bags from Longchamp Bags is the most representative product of the brand. This series of products once became the most famous and best-selling products of Longchamp. The signature element of this series of products is the use of nylon patchwork, using different shapes, patterns and colors of nylon materials into the design of the bag. I think that the breakthrough and innovation point of Longchamp bag is in the reference of nylon fabric material in leather design.

cheap Longchamp bags
cheap Longchamp bags

All in all, the design of the cheap Longchamp bags is relatively low-key and not too exaggerated. And, Longchamp outlet have an extremely long service life, and can withstand the heat and cold, wind and rain. The design of the bag is very simple and comfortable, is a very representative of the classic style backpack. Therefore, the brand has a long history and will not make you look very ignorant if you choose this bag. It is also a good idea to have a certain amount of white space in the design of the Longchamp sale. If you want to add some personal expression to the bag, you can create it on the surface of the backpack without looking stereotypical.

Longchamp outlet, practical and beautiful bag

Longchamp sale, a luxury French brand. What longchamp’s brand story is that it was founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. The company is owned and operated by the Cassegrain family. Longchamp has been involved in many fields, including luggage, handbags and accessories. Through vigorous advertising, creating an internationally renowned It-bag and launching a complete ready-to-wear collection, it has proven its fashion quality.

The cheap longchamp bags may not be as luxurious as other big-name LV and chanel, but it is definitely a very practical and cost-effective bag. Since its launch in the 1990s, Le Pliage has been one of Longchamp’s best-selling bags. In 2017, Business of Fashion reported that the brand sold 11 pieces per minute. A representative of Longchamp confirmed that it has sold more than 30 million.

This is a practical purchase

I have a bag like this myself, and my personal experience makes my experience of this bag more convincing. I love cloth bags, but when I was in the third year of college, I wanted to upgrade my bag equipment and had a more mature bag. I did an in-depth study of handbags, which reminded me of longchamp, a large-capacity nylon bag with leather shoulder straps and a side pocket. It fits my books, laptops, and cosmetic boxes and so on. And it has a good holding capacity. The leather envelope closure, golden buttons and logo zipper bring a touch of elegance to the original plain bag, which is a plus. Here, I think, this is a bag that looks timeless but purely useful.

longchamp outlet
longchamp outlet

Although I did all the research, I didn’t realize how fanatical longchamp’s wind was at the time. Only after I started to carry it, I discovered that it is everywhere-on my university campus, on the bus, in the mall, I can see many people carrying longchamp. It felt as if I had entered a secret society and connected me with thousands of people who also carried this handbag, who knew the magic of this incredible ordinary bag.

After getting it, the frequency of use is really high. Longchamp outlet is very practical and suitable for any occasion. No matter what the occasion is, it won’t feel inappropriate to take it. For example, for a short trip in the summer, it’s easy to put clothes and cosmetics in this bag; you can go out as soon as when you go to class and put things in your bag, which is very convenient. It doesn’t pack a lot of things like some schoolbags. In fact, I think it can hold a lot more space than schoolbags. Even if it’s packed too much, it won’t look out of style. 

Such a simple, practical and beautiful bag, who can’t be tempted?

A Longchamp sale Review: The Perfect Everyday Handbag

Fashion bags are full of fun, and many young girls will be impressed by fashionable and beautiful bags. But as they grow older and enter the workplace, many people may realize that practicality is greater than the trend. An exquisite and small bag is certainly a favorite, but when you go to work and need to carry lunch, wallet, keys, and sometimes a laptop, the exquisite and small bag will not be useful at this time. At this time you need a handbag that combines practicality with simple and classic style. Then Longchamp outlet is a good choice.

The advantage of cheap Longchamp are as follows:

First, versatility. It can be used as daily work bag and overnight bag. You can easily pack everything you need for the weekend into this handbag! The large Longchamp is not only suitable for work, weekends and everything in between. Although it is not a formal handbag, its design (and colors, especially neutral colors) is classic enough to be suitable for any occasions for work or entertainment. It also has many sizes to choose from. Different sizes have different uses.

Second, durability. Longchamp sale is very durable, rainproof and easy to wipe clean. It is definitely the only handbag you can own that you can easily throw a water bottle or travel mug in without an organizer, and you don’t have to worry about leakage. Because even if it does leak-so what? The interior is made of PVC type material, which looks like brand new after rubbing. Honestly, the price of most bags will exceed $100, but this does not make it close to the price of luxury bags. You may even find Longchamp bags on sale occasionally.

All in all, having such a bag will definitely give you zero regret. Each size allows you to use them flexibly on different occasions, and they are as classic and durable as before. When you consider its nylon material, the price of this bag may be prohibitive, but if you really own it, you will find that the actual quality and versatility of the bag make this price absolutely worthwhile. If you finally choose Le Pliage-it will soon become a frequent visitor in your closet. And you don’t even care that a group of other girls are shaking the same bag.

The Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage handbags Outlet

The Longchamp outlet, which is loved by women because of its cost-effectiveness and large capacity, has almost become a must-have bag for everyone. The Le Pliage series, designed by Philippe Cassegrain in 1993, is a must-have item for the Longchamp brand.

Cheap Longchamp is committed to creating durable products. This is the brand’s primary responsibility for the environment. To ensure that customers can keep the products they buy for a long time, take good care of them, and pass on this philosophy. Longchamp has opened six production bases in France. And it has worked closely with many countries to operate two production bases overseas. No matter where the workshop is produced, the “Made by Longchamp” label can ensure that the manufacturing quality of the brand’s products is consistent. And all products meet the same quality standards.

Longchamp Le Pliage handbags

In order to make Le Pliage handbags, the Longchamp team developed a new canvas. Both sides are made of recycled polyester fiber. Using plastic waste, especially recycled plastic bottles as raw materials, for splicing. The fishing net bag in the Le Pliage series is also a highlight. “It is not only a classic bag with French characteristics, but also continues the French tradition of going to markets and loving food. This is a kind of bag full of happiness. The ideal bag.” Longchamp creative director Sophie Delafontaine introduced.

Longchamp Le Pliage draws inspiration from the Japanese art of origami and has become an enduring classic handbag. In order to highlight individuality, Longchamp launched customized services and launched the MY PLIAGE to break through the limits of personalized customization. The series has more personality and charm, aiming to create a distinctive must-have item. The MY PLIAGE provides a variety of custom-made bags, specifically to rescue those “Choice Phobia Disorder” . Customers like personalized customization.

There are two customizable series, My Pliage Signature series and My Pliage Club series. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, including shoulder bags, travel bags, handbags, backpacks, etc. The color matching of the body, handle and flap decoration, snaps, accessory finishes, etc. can all be matched by yourself. In addition to customizing the letters and numbers outside of bag, you can also embroider the brand logo. Mix and match a variety of elements to customize your own personalized bag.

Cheap Longchamp bags are fully responsible for the products sold. They have always believed that exquisite products should be repairable, and giving them a second life will also make people feel proud. Therefore, the brand guarantees that as long as there is a possibility of repair, the product will be repaired at any time.

To describe Longchamp outlet, is to write a family story

Longchamp sale is a French luxury leather goods brand, founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. As a leather pipe craftsman, he incorporated exquisite craftsmanship into travel accessories, handbags and lifestyle fashion. This brand now extends across the globe. It is one of the only leather goods manufacturers managed by the family in France today. Its products include leather handbags, bags, shoes, etc.

With a sudden inspiration, Jean Cassegrain commissioned Turenne Chevallereau to design a timeless and fashionable logo for the brand. Since then, the brand logo has become an elegant and agile Mercedes-Benz horse. Therefore, people often call the brand “Little Hermes”.

Longchamp’s breakthrough development stems from the use of nylon in the design of leather goods. In the 1970s, cheap Longchamps produced the first leather and nylon spliced suitcase. Compared with the common suitcases of that era, Longchamp’s suitcases are much lighter and more popular. In 1993, Longchamp launched the Le Pliage series. This lady’s folding handbag is the most representative and best-selling product of Longchamp. The iconic design element of Le Pliage series handbags is the splicing use of nylon materials, combining nylon materials of different shapes, patterns and colors.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage are designed to be simple and luxurious

Different from other expensive brands, the biggest feature of Longchamp is that it’s not for showing off, but for serving. It’s light weight, no burden, simple and easy to match. And the most important thing is its excellent texture. In daily life, it’s always useful. Although they look ordinary, their light weight, large capacity, and foldable features have attracted countless fans.

In recent decades, Longchamp has always maintained close cooperation with the art field, and has continuously launched various new series of products. Longchamp launched a limited series of bags co-designed with Russian artist Serge Mendjisky In the 1970s. In 2011, the series of printed handbags designed jointly by Longchamp and designer Mary Katrantzou, which using 3D design, and its bold color collision is very visually impactful.

Over these years, Longchamp is working hard to expand the international distribution network and sales scope of its products. In 2013, Longchamp began to invest in the construction of its own logistics center to support the long-term development of the brand. Longchamp built its logistics center in Segré, Paris, covering a total area of 23,000 square meters, twice the size of its original size.

To describe Longchamp outlet, is to write a family story. Nowadays, Longchamp’s market value over 1 billion, and has more than 1,500 retail stores in more than 80 countries around the world, and stores in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Athens, Tokyo and Sydney.

Cheap longchamp bags can match various styles

Are you still worrying about what gift to give? Do you know that it is never wrong to give a bag to a girl as a gift. For the majority of straight men, the bags may look the same. However, for girls, bags are to be special, practical and versatile.

Every girl has a lot of bags at home, but do all girls go to different occasions to carry different bags? Unless you have a mine at home, otherwise there are more bags and nowhere to put them.

In fact, girls should have a flexible bag to adapt to different occasions. Then you should know about Longchamp outlet. The cheap Longchamp bag is synonymous with pure silhouette and high-quality craftsmanship, paying tribute to the French urban style. The founder was inspired by architectural aesthetics and pragmatism, combined with the family’s rich experience in leather production, and determined to create a classic brand that is both beautiful and practical.

The Longchamp Le Pliage series is a very practical bag that fits various occasions.

Cheap Longchamp

Cheap Longchamp takes diversity as the keynote of the series, with a unified hexagonal bottom, which can be freely switched between hand-held and side-carrying modes. One bag can be used for multiple purposes.

The designer followed the characteristics of the Longchamp series and launched the popular Le Pliage Bag. The iconic hexagonal bottom and the hand-sewn centerline are retained, and the metal parts and lining are eliminated. It is sexy, simple and atmospheric. The material is specially selected Italian cow leather specially developed for British aristocrats’ harnesses. The leather has a natural texture. As the age of use is longer, it will add warmth and luster to the bag, presenting the beauty of the years.

This year, on the basis of the original Le Pliage Bag design, the designer has once again innovated the bag. While continuing the design beauty of the original bag, the brand new bag adopts Italian Double faced leather double-faced leather. The embossed design makes the bag less scratchy and more durable.

In addition to the materials and production, it is more surprising that Longchamp Le Pliage Bag matches with silk scarves. As a replaceable bag shoulder strap. Whether it is hand-held, side-backed, diagonally… The silk scarf with full texture adds a bit of playfulness and cuteness to the bag. There is a different freshness on the back every day.

Cheap longchamp bags can match various styles. Whether it is commuting to work in formal occasions, or going out for appointments in casual occasions, it is very suitable. Personalized bags will add brilliance to your city life!

Boys, quickly pick up your excited little purse and choose a special bag for the dear girl.

The Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir handbag Outlet

French luxury brand Longchamp and Mr. Bags (Liang Tao) have teamed up again. Liang Tao is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in China. With his love for luxury handbags and extensive knowledge, he has become a phenomenal social media personality.

The Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir handbag outlet is made of black lambskin and pink Métis lambskin, and Mr. Bags uses a series of bold, modern white lines to create the image of a piglet: a curly tail on the front, a pair of pointed ears on the back, and two dots for the eyes; the Longchamp “dumpling bag Under the classic flap of the “dumpling bag” lies a secret known only to the owner of the bag. In addition to the black or pale pink handbag, this collection also features the large travel bag in black lambskin Le Pliage Cuir. The exterior zipper pocket is suitable for passports and airline tickets. Mr. Bags, a frequent traveler, insisted on including this detail. The zipper is cleverly integrated into the pattern – the cute little piggy is instantly transformed into a money jar that means “prosperity”.

The collaboration also features two other designs: a crossover mini bag with a front zippered pocket shaped like a pig’s snout. It is made of black lambskin or light pink Metis lambskin. Mr. Bags is inspired by one of Longchamp creative director Sophie Delafontaine’s early iconic creations for the brand. The Le Pliage Aquarium transparent “dumpling bag” was created in 1998. Mr. Bags has reinterpreted this Longchamp classic with current trends.

Due to the overwhelming response last year, this year the product will be available in more cheap Longchamp boutiques in more countries and regions around the world. The first phase of the release includes all leather bags, while the transparent PVC tote will be available in early January.

An animated film featuring Liang Tao’s self-created character, the lovely Mr. Bag. It will be released on major social media to illustrate the fun and collaborative style. The animated protagonist who chases the piggy like crazy fits the title of “The Prince of Bags”, reminiscent of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”. He jumps and jumps from one cheap Longchamp bag to another until he finds the one that belongs to him. Give it a big hug.

Longchamp 2020 Fall Winter Show

Cheap Longchamp bags

In the fourth fashion show of New York Fashion Week, creative director Sophie Delafontaine conceived of a Parisian woman who is constantly moving forward and constantly pursuing new things. She is the protagonist in her own movie, a complex character with multiple characteristics, rather than a superficial single image.

70s was an Age of Spiritual Freedom

Delafontaine believes that the 70s is a starting point. It was an age of spiritual freedom. Self-expression was a distinctive feature of trendy women at the time, including Catherine Deneuve, Romy Schneider and Stéphane Audran. Each of them has their own style. Their distinctive ideas make them stand out from the crowd. And every work in this series also reflects this style.

Each suit is independent, showing a distinct personality, but can be linked together through rich colors and textures. A bomber jacket with a shearling collar can be paired with a midi skirt or black gauze dress decorated with light wool embroidery. Bermuda leather pants can be cleverly matched with patterned pullovers, puff sleeve shirts or capes. The playful long dress is decorated with eye-catching Micano patterns. The upper body of the over-the-knee jacket fits snugly, and then gradually unfolds to present a charming body line.

The ingenious combination of cognac-colored leather, terracotta-colored suede and red patent leather conveys full energy and enthusiasm, reminiscent of Josef Albers’s colorful artworks and John Chamberlain’s sculptures made from abandoned cars. color. Of course, the speed and vitality of the racing car design is not only reflected in the colors and patterns, but also in the volume and contour structure.

The belt harmonizes bold colors. Added graceful lines and feminine charm. Blends with the soft and comfortable style of the 70s. Bright tones over the knee high-heeled boots make the overall silhouette smoother and the color contrast is more vivid, with green, yellow and silver options. Among them, the ingenious detail design, that is, a chain with a ball on the upper, doubles the overall shape.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage

cheap Longchamp Le Pliage
cheap Longchamp Le Pliage

Classic bags are also presented in new forms this season, adding highlights to the entire collection. On the show floor, bags of various sizes in the cheap Longchamp Le Pliage series were displayed, ranging from mini-size to oversize. Roseau series’ iconic slub button metal accessories were also presented in new proportions. Delafontaine relaunched Longchamp 1980, Longchamp’s first “must-have” big hot bag. Cheap Longchamp bags passed down was also her choice when she was young. Whether it is embossed calfskin shaped like crocodile skin or snake skin, or a mixture of various leathers to form a Meccano pattern. Each style shows a distinct personality and style.

Distinctive personal style and free expression consciousness are the essence of the charm of Parisian women. They are chic, elegant, fashionable, and full of movie atmosphere, and they always catch people’s attention in the lens.

Cheap Longchamp Bags Outlet Online

French luxury brand Longchamp held a preview of its autumn/winter collection at C5 Art Space in Beijing. This preview not only includes autumn and winter ready-to-wear collections, shoe collections and luggage collections, but also showcases the latest season of Jeremy Scott X Longchamp’s collaboration series and Le Pliage Cocarde series, showing elegant French style.

“Even though cities have become the lifeblood of today’s world and technology has penetrated into life, nature still deserves unprecedented attention.” The Fall Collection, carefully created by designer Sophie Delafontaine, was inspired by this paradox. Especially affected by natural elements such as animal totems, jungle secrets, and natural reserves. The silhouette of this season’s clothing appears sensual and soft.

The “Natural City” series aims to create a multi-faceted woman who can handle emergencies and conflicts with ease. The female wardrobe has also been redefined: Sophisticated but unfettered, tough and sexy. As always, leather is an important element of Longchamp. The double-sided coat combines the elements of the city and nature, playing with materials and colors. One side is sporty nylon style, and the other side is printed rabbit fur. The outer black lamb leather is matched with the inner blended wool, which is avant-garde and bold. The velvet sheepskin coat, luxurious fur shoulder pads, shows strong recognition, creating a unique and colorful style. The dark calfskin clothing is decorated with armband patterns, giving it a natural, lively and gentle temperament. The colors of this season are diversified, including various elements such as animal totems, jungle secrets, and natural reserves. Khaki is as lifelike as tree bark, the camel color seems to awaken the power of animals, and the elegant gray-blue spot design is lively and playful. The entire feminine wardrobe is filled with all kinds of slim coats, zipper jackets and A-line skirts.

Cheap Longchamp bags also launched an evening collection for the first time this season: a small velvet cotton dress with a bamboo pattern embellished with artificial spar. There is also a lightweight shirt with transparent gauze sleeves, which is very delicate. In the latest season, Longchamp takes us to walk between the city and the countryside, and appreciate the blend of ultra-modern and natural spirit.

Cheap Longchamp bags
Cheap Longchamp bags

Le Foulonne, born in 1975, is a classic product of Longchamp sale. In spring, Longchamp outlet launched two dreamy spring and summer new colors of the new Le Foulonne backpack series: youthful and beautiful crystal pink and elegant and quiet midnight blue.