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The French retro style of the 70s also made this bag a particularly high degree of matching, and it is not easily affected by trends. This year, cheap Longchamp also introduced a lot of wide shoulder straps. In addition to Longchamp’s own shoulder straps, you can also choose a wide shoulder strap according to your own style to make it more fashionable.

cheap Longchamp
cheap Longchamp

Especially when it comes to buying shoulder straps, many brands of shoulder straps are really expensive, but the price of Longchamp’s shoulder straps is really quite acceptable with high quality. There are many different options.

In fact, such a wide shoulder strap can also be used by boys. If you are dissatisfied with the shoulder strap of your luggage and want a thicker one, you can also use it. Longchamp’s wide shoulder strap is hard and durable.

sale Longchamp
sale Longchamp

Sale Longchamp may not be the most outstandingly designed bag, but the upper body works very well, with a very casual and chic French spirit, and looks great with the most relaxed clothes.

When I got this bag for the first time, I was very surprised because it was so light. Except for metal parts, Longchamp outlet has almost no weight. This is the best thing about Longchamp, it can always handle the leather very lightly. Although Longchamp is made of calfskin, it is extremely light and not very fragile.

Longchamp outlet
Longchamp outlet

Such a light bag has a very upright shape. Moreover, there are several interlayers in the bag, the middle layer is relatively large, and the small one is actually quite fit.

This kind of layered design is best for practical use. There is also a small interlayer with zipper inside, you can put some valuables. The space in the middle is very complete and can be enlarged a bit.

I like the design with a zippered pocket on the back of this bag best. In fact, this kind of small pocket on the back is the most practical. Usually, you don’t need to open the cover to find some small things, you can just put it into the small pocket on the back. Such a fashionable and practical Longchamp has two sizes, divided into S and M sizes according to the size.

The Longchamp bag of size S has two shoulder straps, one long and one short, one thick and one thin. It can be carried by hand, carried by hand, and can be carried on one shoulder and cross-body. When slung, the short shoulder strap will naturally sag to the bag, just like an accessory of the bag.

The cheap Longchamp bag of size M has only one wide shoulder strap, which is slightly longer than that of size S. When it is carried on the back, it is probably at the waist position, giving people a very angry feeling. The thick shoulder straps can share the weight of the bag well, even if you carry it for a long time, it will not be too tired.

I think for girls with an average Asian figure, the size of the S size is just right, the ratio of one shoulder and the crossbody is better, and the capacity is enough for daily use.

Carrying yellow Mademoiselle in spring and summer

Last Friday, Mr. Bao attended the opening ceremony of Longchamp’s new store in Omotesando, Tokyo. He met Sophie, the art director of Longchamp, an old friend. She also told me how much she liked this Longchamp Mademoiselle.

Longchamp sale in Omotesando, Tokyo is a tall building with 6 floors. Everyone can go shopping in Tokyo. Not only is there a lot of goods, but there are also some interesting artworks.

As soon as you enter the store, there is an art wall, which is a floating staircase background creative by Longchamp, which invites art master John Aslanidis, which combines art, music and geometric patterns. The visual effect of the scene is very shocking.

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