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Longchamp bags is French national brand bags, which many people, whatever the young ladies or old women all like them.There are many kinds of Longchamp bags on sale, such as nylon, sheepskin, leather and some other material bags. Aha, I also bought lots of this brand bags. This kind of the bags have many delicate details. Another, we can say it had ruled the girls in France. And it’s a common phenomenon that many people carry it in street. Also, they have many colors of the bags, which can change them by their mood.

At the beginning, I went to travel in France with my friends. And I saw a beige Longchamp bag in Longchamp outlet store. But it was not the discount season and it was a little expensive, which is 400 euros. But when I went back to hotel to have a rest. I was so bitter why don’t buy it. Finally, I want to buy it next day. It was a pity that it had bought by others. Though there are many colors of one type, there is a number of one color in exclusive shop. I was so regret from now on. Over the years, I always think the most beautiful bags is the beige Longchamp bags, perhaps the first sight is the best.

When it comes to the style of Longchamp bags, everyone must be very similar. Among them, the Longchampo Le Plaige can be folded and snapped for easy storage. But the thick styles can be folded. They are included three sizes, which are small, medium and large one. And the handle are including long handle and short handle. You can choose their sizes and length by yourselves. Perhaps, you will like all bags just like me. And as for me, I had bought lots of colors bags of one type. Whoops! The prodigal is not formed two or three days. It depends on the form gradually. And what’s more, I had spent many money to buy these kinds of the bags.

But do you know how to recognize the special products for counter or discount village Longchamp in France. They are including first, second and third grand products. Now, let’s talk about the different levels details of theses products.

As for the top top quality products, there are many these bags in France. You can buy it in Paris Spring and other malls counters. As for the second grand products, which means it sells not the French bags in counter. These products had been listed the second grand are just for make distinction with other products that are made in France. But the quality is guaranteed. And their price are lower than top quality products. This brand are always stick their routine of the more cheaper price, the more higher quality for many people. So we can say its orient of market is the low-end PFP route. They just want to meet the needs of many different classes.

When it comes to the third grand products, it must be in the France and discount Village. Generally speaking,the original price of Longchamp sale in discount village is 50% off or 40% off or more. Of course, the origin of the bags are non French. Once upon a time, I had compared the Chines manufacture of discounting village with Chines manufacture of in exclusive shop, there are more flaws bags in discount village. So there are so many discount bags in the shop. But the fourth grand products, everyone must pay attention to this kind of level bags. There is only the label in the discount Longchamp bags and don’t have the laundry note logo. And it doesn’t have the logo of “Longchamp Paris”, it only has the producing area.

Cheap Longchamp Bags
Cheap Longchamp Bags

Whatever you buy the Cheap Longchamp Bags online or in the exclusive shop. I hope everyone can buy the high quality Longchamp bags according to the details that we had discussed above. You shouldn’t buy the discount village products by the exclusive shop price.

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