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It’s a Story about Longchamp Le Pliage Bags

Do you know the tenth anniversary limited edition of Jeremy Scott X Longchamp had been launched? According to the reliable news, the famous leather brand Longchamp of France had cooperated thenth anniversary with Jeremy Scott who is a designer in the Club James. The CEO of Longchamp had joined hands with the Sophie Delafontaine who is the brand art director.

Yes, for the first time cooperation in 2006, Jeremy Scott had injected the Newest design of the classical Longchamp Le Pliage travel bags. Every season, Jeremy Scott always draws inspiration from other series of clothing design. What’s more, they use the inspiration into their own bags. In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the newest Longchamp Le Pliage package, “Greetings from Hollywood”. This limited edition of Longchamp bags had been hot selling in the Longchamp outlet store.

In my opinion, it’s a story Longchamp Le Pliage bags. Since 71s, Longchamp had been supporting the design of modern and the advanced design. Due to this reason, there are many themes of cheap Longchamp bags. Such as the series of Poodlebag, Goldcard, Zodiac and some other Longchamp Le Pliage bags which has the painting of printing. The design is so funny and personality that the classical brand had injected the newest vigor from the inspiration of “Greetings from Hollywood”, which design the Longchamp Le Pliage limited edition and had been hot selling.

The success of Longchamp Le Pliage is not accidental. It had inspired the Japanese paper cutting art, which draw a conclusion that whatever the structure and appearance are, they can create the lightweight folding bags easily. These kinds of the Cheap Longchamp bags had been the public product that many followers are pursuing. Nowadays there are many various Longchamp Le Pliage from its shape, modeling, color and some other advantages. Many ladies love it because it has the large function and all match. Another, it had been from entry-level to upgrade.

As the entry-level, the series of Longchamp Le Pliage had been always innovation and create many wonderful styles and sizes for customers. The whole series Longchamp Le Pliage sale are considered as the entry-level, which always remained the “affordable luxury brand “image” on Lonchamp online store. As for the limited edition, there is the limited edition bags which is based on blue christmas every year. The outstanding theme had made every section are highly collection value. Meanwhile, according to the need of market, the Longchamp had launched different leather and material edition. Such as the colorful cowhide and elegant version of crocodile. Finally, the cross section of Longchamp had cooperated with the famous artists and organization. This behavior can enhance the top quality and their innovation.

Take an example for you, it’s reported that Prince William often take the Longchamp bags when they hang out with his wife and child. For the ladies, I can say I know your feeling of carrying the classical and discount Longchamp bags. It’s really a brave behavior for a lady to pursue a newest Longchamp bag.