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Talk about the painting of Longchamp bags

I still remember that it’s the year of horse in twelve Chinese zodiac signs. The horse stands for the wild and free, the image of courage. All the time, it’s full of the unlimited inspiration and momentum. At the year of horse, everyone do not miss the chance of enjoy the mien of Longchamp. The bags factory had forged the limited edition to welcome the year of horse. Sine 2013, you had found them in the boutique, counter and some Longchamp outlet store.

Longchamp outlet store
Longchamp outlet store

In fact, it’s the brand of France. And there is a special paintings in the bags, it’s the painting of horse. The logo is very low key and delicate. It shows far away from the crime behavior in some fashion brand. Maybe you will remember its concept of folding type bags. The popularity of dumpling bags and pays a tribute to the lost Michael is the simple of army emblem button. Nowadays, there are few copies in the bags’ market. Comparing with some other expensive bags, you just only to cost some money to get the Longchamp bags. The cheap Longcahmp bags had the traditional crafts, leading fashion design, portable and practical folding concept and reasonable price is famous at home and abroad. Through out the years, the series of Longchamp bags sale had many varies for the consumes to choose as before.

The Longcahmp bags combine with two classical elements. As for the appearance, it continues the classic,such as the Longchamp Le Pliage. At the beginning,the painting of horse had become the Longchamp brand. This time, there is the dazzling gold on the bag body. Meanwhile, it had launched the two hues of red and black in order to welcome the rich festival atmosphere. Above the canvas, there is the logo of horse with golden bull leather. Inside the bag, it also has a leather label which printed the word of “Longchamp celebrating the traditional Chinese horse” and the Chinese complex font of “horse”. It must be a perfect beginning of the Longchamp bags as for this type of the bag. In the France,everyone has the classical Longchamp dumpling bags.In the 2013, there is launched the dazzling series of LM Cuir. The painting of classical racing and cross LM pattern embossed on the smooth and soft cowhide. It had deduced the level grade of leather craft,and it’s no longer the darker series of leather. Beside the color of black, white and sandy, there are the color of orange, red and light yellow, which will make your summer more younger and beautiful just like the rainbow.

Cloud Blue Longchamp Le Pliage Club Backpack with Pliage/Nylon Material outlet
Longchamp Outlet

In a word, there are more than 60 years of the Longchamp Bags On Sale at Longchamp Outlet. This year, there are many kinds of the bags. But the delicate crafts, bags’ styles, colors and types are still remained. What’s more, the logo of horse had breakthrough the classical design as before. We can call the bags is the “French Bags”. These kinds of the bags had been popular with many people. The design of folding and the rich colors had obtained many girls’ love. The painting of horse as the Longchamp brand design, it’s personal and classical. The unique style is its concept of bags. The painting of bags had the new designing detail, it had added the modern element, popularity and free space. As is known to all, the Longchamp bags is regarded the perfect products of some other bags.