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Talk about the five classical Longchamp bags

In 2012, the autumn series of Longchamp Bags had been launched the newest Longchamp LM Cuir at Longchamp Outlet, which is based in the LM bags. For the first time, the paintings of LM occurred in the smooth and soft cowhide. It presented the delicate crafts of this kind of the bags. The high quality cowhide will have a huge space, which can be adjusted the shoulder girdle, whatever you shoulder,arm or hands. This is very convenient. It also suit the theme of “practical”. On the base of LM bags, the Longchamp bags still stretched its insistent of some details. There is a logo which add some delicate and feminist into the bags. Now, let’s talk the five classical Longchmap bags.

As for the bag of Longchamp Le Pliage, it’s made from nylon and leather. The folding bags are very successful which had attracted many ladies to pursue them. It origins in the Japanese paper folding art. Whatever its size or dimension, it’s so lithe and can be folded for storage. There are many styles of Longchamp Le Pliage bag, and it’s color is very rich and all match whatever you wear clothes. It had captured many fans at home and abroad. In 2012, these kinds of the bags had presented the newest style again, which is the luxury national styles. The Longchamp sale many sexy paintings that are above the bags and the delicate material make the bags more real.

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As for the bag of Le Pliage Cuir, the lambskin folding bags are soft and tough, lithe yet not lose the feeling of luxury. When these kinds of the bags occurred, many ladies to buy it. There are have the rich color and infinite originality which enhance the classical Longchamp Le Plaige Cuir bags. Another, as for the bag of series of Longchamp Au Sultan. It had the long history which commemorate the tradition. There are the feeling of thick and retro which had added in this kind of the bag. They are including three bags, the shoulder bags, a bucket bags and the mini but fashion bags. When it comes to its material, it’s very smooth and soft. It’s appearance is quite retro, simple and fashionable. In 2015, there are launched many colors of the bags that ladies can choose them by their own.

As for the series of Balzane, it featured the feeling of stereoscopic. The delicate design and beautiful appearance make the bags more charming. The series of Longchamp Balzane have the Hobo bag and two dimension handbags. The color is rich, they are including red, Havana copper, black and some other fashionable colors. For the series of Longchamp Cosmo, it presents the feeling of relax, practical and fashionable. To some degree, it had the taste of nature and arouse the feeling of your own heart. The most special is that its newest leather texture of elephant. When you touch the material of suede, it will return the pure nature.

Judging from the five classical Longchamp bags given above, we can draw a conclusion that these bags are just like the butterflies that carry many dreams. Throughout many years, it gives us many surprises. If you are the chaser of these classical Longchamp bags and always want to have one bag, why don’t you miss them?