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Exploring the Elegance of Longchamp Bags Sale

Fashion has always been a reflection of personal style and a way to express oneself. Among the myriad choices in the world of fashion, certain brands and designs have stood the test of time, capturing the essence of elegance and sophistication. Longchamp, a renowned French luxury brand, is one such name that has consistently epitomized the blend of style and functionality. The allure of cheap Longchamp bags, especially during sale seasons, goes beyond mere accessories – they are emblematic of a lifestyle and a statement of refined taste.

Longchamp: A Legacy of Elegance

Established in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, Longchamp has a rich history of crafting leather goods that seamlessly blend creativity, craftsmanship, and functionality. The brand’s commitment to producing high-quality products has garnered it a loyal following around the world. The iconic Le Pliage collection, known for its foldable design and distinctive leather trim, has become a symbol of luxury and practicality. Longchamp’s ability to adapt to changing trends while maintaining its core values has been instrumental in its enduring appeal.

The Timeless Appeal of Longchamp Bags

Longchamp bags have transcended seasonal trends, becoming timeless pieces that can be cherished for years. The brand’s emphasis on classic designs ensures that its bags remain relevant in an ever-evolving fashion landscape. From the structured elegance of the Roseau collection to the modern chic of the Mademoiselle line, Longchamp offers a range of styles to suit various preferences and occasions. The thoughtful combination of materials, colors, and textures adds depth to the bags, making them versatile choices for both formal events and everyday use.

The Intersection of Style and Functionality

One of the standout features of Longchamp bags is their ability to seamlessly merge style and functionality. The Le Pliage collection, in particular, exemplifies this balance. The lightweight nylon material not only adds a contemporary edge but also ensures practicality for on-the-go lifestyles. The foldable design, a stroke of genius, allows the bag to be easily stowed away when not in use, making it a traveler’s best companion. This blend of aesthetics and usability has solidified Longchamp’s reputation as a brand that understands the needs of modern individuals.

The Excitement of Longchamp Bags Sale

The prospect of a Longchamp bags sale evokes a sense of excitement among fashion enthusiasts and savvy shoppers alike. While Longchamp products are undoubtedly investment pieces, a sale presents the perfect opportunity to own a piece of luxury at a more accessible price point. The anticipation of discovering coveted designs with reduced price tags adds an element of thrill to the shopping experience. The Longchamp bags sale not only attracts loyal patrons but also invites new admirers to explore the brand’s offerings.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Longchamp sale also stand as a testament to superior craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainability. The brand’s dedication to sourcing high-quality materials and ensuring ethical production processes speaks to its values. Longchamp bags are designed to withstand the test of time, contributing to a more sustainable approach to fashion consumption. This aligns with the growing global movement towards conscious consumerism, where longevity and quality take precedence over fast fashion trends.

Longchamp bags, with their timeless designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and dedication to both style and functionality, have rightfully earned their place as coveted accessories in the world of fashion. The allure of Longchamp bags sale goes beyond the allure of discounted luxury; it’s an opportunity to invest in pieces that symbolize a refined lifestyle and an appreciation for enduring elegance. As fashion continues to evolve, Longchamp’s legacy remains unwavering, reminding us that true style transcends fleeting trends.

Longchamp bags: The best choice for starting out in the workplace

Longchamp outlet

It’s summertime again. It’s time for a year when a large number of boys and girls leave school and start their first jobs. In fact, for newcomers in the workplace, how to use clothing to conceal their childishness also requires a little thought. Bags are very important collocation items and a business card for you to pass on to the people around you.

Many people in the workplace who have entered society will have a special ability. This ability is through a person carrying a bag to determine the character traits and status of this person.These discerning professionals usually look at the bag in someone’s hand to be able to roughly locate the person to his or her social class. Thus, if we want to hold the atmosphere in the workplace or the people that may ignore you, choose a suitable bags are of great significance.

There is a fact that the newcomer in the workplace should not carry expensive and extravagant bag. Its you guys must believe me, carrying a bag that is too extravagant gives you far less positive feedback than negative feedback. Therefore, the practical and versatile commuter bag for work is the most recommended.

I am highly recommend cheap Longchamp bag

For those who have just stepped into the workplace, the bag that you carry with can neither be too expensive nor without texture. The style cannot be too old, and certainly not too exaggerated. At the same time, the bag on the back needs to show the taste and temperament of the backpacker.

The Le Piliage series of women’s folding bags from Longchamp Bags is the most representative product of the brand. This series of products once became the most famous and best-selling products of Longchamp. The signature element of this series of products is the use of nylon patchwork, using different shapes, patterns and colors of nylon materials into the design of the bag. I think that the breakthrough and innovation point of Longchamp bag is in the reference of nylon fabric material in leather design.

cheap Longchamp bags
cheap Longchamp bags

All in all, the design of the cheap Longchamp bags is relatively low-key and not too exaggerated. And, Longchamp outlet have an extremely long service life, and can withstand the heat and cold, wind and rain. The design of the bag is very simple and comfortable, is a very representative of the classic style backpack. Therefore, the brand has a long history and will not make you look very ignorant if you choose this bag. It is also a good idea to have a certain amount of white space in the design of the Longchamp sale. If you want to add some personal expression to the bag, you can create it on the surface of the backpack without looking stereotypical.

Longchamp outlet, practical and beautiful bag

Longchamp sale, a luxury French brand. What longchamp’s brand story is that it was founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. The company is owned and operated by the Cassegrain family. Longchamp has been involved in many fields, including luggage, handbags and accessories. Through vigorous advertising, creating an internationally renowned It-bag and launching a complete ready-to-wear collection, it has proven its fashion quality.

The cheap longchamp bags may not be as luxurious as other big-name LV and chanel, but it is definitely a very practical and cost-effective bag. Since its launch in the 1990s, Le Pliage has been one of Longchamp’s best-selling bags. In 2017, Business of Fashion reported that the brand sold 11 pieces per minute. A representative of Longchamp confirmed that it has sold more than 30 million.

This is a practical purchase

I have a bag like this myself, and my personal experience makes my experience of this bag more convincing. I love cloth bags, but when I was in the third year of college, I wanted to upgrade my bag equipment and had a more mature bag. I did an in-depth study of handbags, which reminded me of longchamp, a large-capacity nylon bag with leather shoulder straps and a side pocket. It fits my books, laptops, and cosmetic boxes and so on. And it has a good holding capacity. The leather envelope closure, golden buttons and logo zipper bring a touch of elegance to the original plain bag, which is a plus. Here, I think, this is a bag that looks timeless but purely useful.

longchamp outlet
longchamp outlet

Although I did all the research, I didn’t realize how fanatical longchamp’s wind was at the time. Only after I started to carry it, I discovered that it is everywhere-on my university campus, on the bus, in the mall, I can see many people carrying longchamp. It felt as if I had entered a secret society and connected me with thousands of people who also carried this handbag, who knew the magic of this incredible ordinary bag.

After getting it, the frequency of use is really high. Longchamp outlet is very practical and suitable for any occasion. No matter what the occasion is, it won’t feel inappropriate to take it. For example, for a short trip in the summer, it’s easy to put clothes and cosmetics in this bag; you can go out as soon as when you go to class and put things in your bag, which is very convenient. It doesn’t pack a lot of things like some schoolbags. In fact, I think it can hold a lot more space than schoolbags. Even if it’s packed too much, it won’t look out of style. 

Such a simple, practical and beautiful bag, who can’t be tempted?

A Longchamp sale Review: The Perfect Everyday Handbag

Fashion bags are full of fun, and many young girls will be impressed by fashionable and beautiful bags. But as they grow older and enter the workplace, many people may realize that practicality is greater than the trend. An exquisite and small bag is certainly a favorite, but when you go to work and need to carry lunch, wallet, keys, and sometimes a laptop, the exquisite and small bag will not be useful at this time. At this time you need a handbag that combines practicality with simple and classic style. Then Longchamp outlet is a good choice.

The advantage of cheap Longchamp are as follows:

First, versatility. It can be used as daily work bag and overnight bag. You can easily pack everything you need for the weekend into this handbag! The large Longchamp is not only suitable for work, weekends and everything in between. Although it is not a formal handbag, its design (and colors, especially neutral colors) is classic enough to be suitable for any occasions for work or entertainment. It also has many sizes to choose from. Different sizes have different uses.

Second, durability. Longchamp sale is very durable, rainproof and easy to wipe clean. It is definitely the only handbag you can own that you can easily throw a water bottle or travel mug in without an organizer, and you don’t have to worry about leakage. Because even if it does leak-so what? The interior is made of PVC type material, which looks like brand new after rubbing. Honestly, the price of most bags will exceed $100, but this does not make it close to the price of luxury bags. You may even find Longchamp bags on sale occasionally.

All in all, having such a bag will definitely give you zero regret. Each size allows you to use them flexibly on different occasions, and they are as classic and durable as before. When you consider its nylon material, the price of this bag may be prohibitive, but if you really own it, you will find that the actual quality and versatility of the bag make this price absolutely worthwhile. If you finally choose Le Pliage-it will soon become a frequent visitor in your closet. And you don’t even care that a group of other girls are shaking the same bag.

To describe Longchamp outlet, is to write a family story

Longchamp sale is a French luxury leather goods brand, founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. As a leather pipe craftsman, he incorporated exquisite craftsmanship into travel accessories, handbags and lifestyle fashion. This brand now extends across the globe. It is one of the only leather goods manufacturers managed by the family in France today. Its products include leather handbags, bags, shoes, etc.

With a sudden inspiration, Jean Cassegrain commissioned Turenne Chevallereau to design a timeless and fashionable logo for the brand. Since then, the brand logo has become an elegant and agile Mercedes-Benz horse. Therefore, people often call the brand “Little Hermes”.

Longchamp’s breakthrough development stems from the use of nylon in the design of leather goods. In the 1970s, cheap Longchamps produced the first leather and nylon spliced suitcase. Compared with the common suitcases of that era, Longchamp’s suitcases are much lighter and more popular. In 1993, Longchamp launched the Le Pliage series. This lady’s folding handbag is the most representative and best-selling product of Longchamp. The iconic design element of Le Pliage series handbags is the splicing use of nylon materials, combining nylon materials of different shapes, patterns and colors.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage are designed to be simple and luxurious

Different from other expensive brands, the biggest feature of Longchamp is that it’s not for showing off, but for serving. It’s light weight, no burden, simple and easy to match. And the most important thing is its excellent texture. In daily life, it’s always useful. Although they look ordinary, their light weight, large capacity, and foldable features have attracted countless fans.

In recent decades, Longchamp has always maintained close cooperation with the art field, and has continuously launched various new series of products. Longchamp launched a limited series of bags co-designed with Russian artist Serge Mendjisky In the 1970s. In 2011, the series of printed handbags designed jointly by Longchamp and designer Mary Katrantzou, which using 3D design, and its bold color collision is very visually impactful.

Over these years, Longchamp is working hard to expand the international distribution network and sales scope of its products. In 2013, Longchamp began to invest in the construction of its own logistics center to support the long-term development of the brand. Longchamp built its logistics center in Segré, Paris, covering a total area of 23,000 square meters, twice the size of its original size.

To describe Longchamp outlet, is to write a family story. Nowadays, Longchamp’s market value over 1 billion, and has more than 1,500 retail stores in more than 80 countries around the world, and stores in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Athens, Tokyo and Sydney.

Cheap Longchamp Bags Outlet Online

French luxury brand Longchamp held a preview of its autumn/winter collection at C5 Art Space in Beijing. This preview not only includes autumn and winter ready-to-wear collections, shoe collections and luggage collections, but also showcases the latest season of Jeremy Scott X Longchamp’s collaboration series and Le Pliage Cocarde series, showing elegant French style.

“Even though cities have become the lifeblood of today’s world and technology has penetrated into life, nature still deserves unprecedented attention.” The Fall Collection, carefully created by designer Sophie Delafontaine, was inspired by this paradox. Especially affected by natural elements such as animal totems, jungle secrets, and natural reserves. The silhouette of this season’s clothing appears sensual and soft.

The “Natural City” series aims to create a multi-faceted woman who can handle emergencies and conflicts with ease. The female wardrobe has also been redefined: Sophisticated but unfettered, tough and sexy. As always, leather is an important element of Longchamp. The double-sided coat combines the elements of the city and nature, playing with materials and colors. One side is sporty nylon style, and the other side is printed rabbit fur. The outer black lamb leather is matched with the inner blended wool, which is avant-garde and bold. The velvet sheepskin coat, luxurious fur shoulder pads, shows strong recognition, creating a unique and colorful style. The dark calfskin clothing is decorated with armband patterns, giving it a natural, lively and gentle temperament. The colors of this season are diversified, including various elements such as animal totems, jungle secrets, and natural reserves. Khaki is as lifelike as tree bark, the camel color seems to awaken the power of animals, and the elegant gray-blue spot design is lively and playful. The entire feminine wardrobe is filled with all kinds of slim coats, zipper jackets and A-line skirts.

Cheap Longchamp bags also launched an evening collection for the first time this season: a small velvet cotton dress with a bamboo pattern embellished with artificial spar. There is also a lightweight shirt with transparent gauze sleeves, which is very delicate. In the latest season, Longchamp takes us to walk between the city and the countryside, and appreciate the blend of ultra-modern and natural spirit.

Cheap Longchamp bags
Cheap Longchamp bags

Le Foulonne, born in 1975, is a classic product of Longchamp sale. In spring, Longchamp outlet launched two dreamy spring and summer new colors of the new Le Foulonne backpack series: youthful and beautiful crystal pink and elegant and quiet midnight blue.

Outlet Longchamp New Arrivals Sale

Outlet Longchamp is famous all over the world for leather goods, shoes and women’s fashion. This summer, the brand launched an elegant series that exudes a unique national flavor. Dedicated to free and uninhibited modern women who travel the world and set off their beautiful figures with Longchamp’s unique French luxury charm.

Outlet Longchamp
Outlet Longchamp

A romantic encounter between a woman on the left bank of Paris and the heart of Africa. A female artist and art gallery director, strolling leisurely from Rue des Beaux-Arts to Boulevard Saint-Germain, exploring the rich and dverse tribal art, the original works of art especially fascinated her. Also, this woman is sweet and lovely, showing a beautiful and dreamy bohemian temperament, exuding a confident and elegant demeanor between her gestures, and conveying her indifferent charm. Further more, her clothing fabrics are delicate and exquisite, showing geometric beauty, inspired by the iconic character patterns and accessories of African paintings and sculptures.

Cheap Longchamp recreates classics this season with a leisurely and elegant style

Feminine silk printed shirt with leather shorts, suede leather or cotton gabardine with sleeves or sleeveless jackets, and soft and smooth leather patchwork skirts echo each other. The jacquard jacquard bead or embroidered lace long dress is soft and elegant, which perfectly complements the suede leather blouse. Knitted canvas and lambskin short coats are full of extreme modernity. While leather fringed printed silk shawls add the finishing touch to the Longchamp summer collection.

Longchamp sale
Longchamp sale

Longchamp sale gives the classic fabric leather a variety of textures, showing the tens of thousands of faces of this material: suede, smooth or printed, herringbone twill weave, or tassels that reflect the leisurely vacation style. The iconic lambskin is combined with charming embroidered beading yarn, smooth and simple printed leather, highly textured jacquard, or simple and fresh denim canvas, showing the charm of summer with a lively and diverse image.

Two beautiful handbags appeared on the stage, full of strong ethnic and romantic temperament. Madeleine handbags have been re-interpreted and launched in a bolder and more frank look: nude color and orange, honey color and lavender echo each other, suede bullock and calf leather perfectly fit, decorative details are excellent, and the overall design reveals a noble style . The Effrontée series fully interprets the brand design elements and exudes the elegant charm of rebellious spirit. Also, chain links and leather shoulder straps give this grained leather handbag a rock character.

The cheap Longchamp bags summer series launches pretty and charming wooden soles

The cheap Longchamp bags summer series launches pretty and charming wooden soles, with suede calfskin with woven grain or python leather. This exquisite craftsmanship is also seen in triple lace flat sandals. Rope-soled canvas shoes embellished with ankle straps and braided rope soles, with metallic luster or pink leather. Beside, suede leather lace-up boots embody the ingenuity of the shoe series and interpret the unique style of the brand.

cheap Longchamp bags
cheap Longchamp bags

Terracotta, ochre, khaki, honey, lime warmth contrasts soft pastels such as lavender, powder mist, aqua blue or pearl white. What’s more, ingenious color combinations cleverly brighten shades of denim blue, deep black or bright white.

The Longchamp outlet summer series is a beautiful invitation to travel. This allows women to explore ethnic design elements, exquisite craftsmanship and long traditions.

Longchamp Mademoiselle

Cheap Longchamp

The French retro style of the 70s also made this bag a particularly high degree of matching, and it is not easily affected by trends. This year, cheap Longchamp also introduced a lot of wide shoulder straps. In addition to Longchamp’s own shoulder straps, you can also choose a wide shoulder strap according to your own style to make it more fashionable.

cheap Longchamp
cheap Longchamp

Especially when it comes to buying shoulder straps, many brands of shoulder straps are really expensive, but the price of Longchamp’s shoulder straps is really quite acceptable with high quality. There are many different options.

In fact, such a wide shoulder strap can also be used by boys. If you are dissatisfied with the shoulder strap of your luggage and want a thicker one, you can also use it. Longchamp’s wide shoulder strap is hard and durable.

sale Longchamp
sale Longchamp

Sale Longchamp may not be the most outstandingly designed bag, but the upper body works very well, with a very casual and chic French spirit, and looks great with the most relaxed clothes.

When I got this bag for the first time, I was very surprised because it was so light. Except for metal parts, Longchamp outlet has almost no weight. This is the best thing about Longchamp, it can always handle the leather very lightly. Although Longchamp is made of calfskin, it is extremely light and not very fragile.

Longchamp outlet
Longchamp outlet

Such a light bag has a very upright shape. Moreover, there are several interlayers in the bag, the middle layer is relatively large, and the small one is actually quite fit.

This kind of layered design is best for practical use. There is also a small interlayer with zipper inside, you can put some valuables. The space in the middle is very complete and can be enlarged a bit.

I like the design with a zippered pocket on the back of this bag best. In fact, this kind of small pocket on the back is the most practical. Usually, you don’t need to open the cover to find some small things, you can just put it into the small pocket on the back. Such a fashionable and practical Longchamp has two sizes, divided into S and M sizes according to the size.

The Longchamp bag of size S has two shoulder straps, one long and one short, one thick and one thin. It can be carried by hand, carried by hand, and can be carried on one shoulder and cross-body. When slung, the short shoulder strap will naturally sag to the bag, just like an accessory of the bag.

The cheap Longchamp bag of size M has only one wide shoulder strap, which is slightly longer than that of size S. When it is carried on the back, it is probably at the waist position, giving people a very angry feeling. The thick shoulder straps can share the weight of the bag well, even if you carry it for a long time, it will not be too tired.

I think for girls with an average Asian figure, the size of the S size is just right, the ratio of one shoulder and the crossbody is better, and the capacity is enough for daily use.

Carrying yellow Mademoiselle in spring and summer

Last Friday, Mr. Bao attended the opening ceremony of Longchamp’s new store in Omotesando, Tokyo. He met Sophie, the art director of Longchamp, an old friend. She also told me how much she liked this Longchamp Mademoiselle.

Longchamp sale in Omotesando, Tokyo is a tall building with 6 floors. Everyone can go shopping in Tokyo. Not only is there a lot of goods, but there are also some interesting artworks.

As soon as you enter the store, there is an art wall, which is a floating staircase background creative by Longchamp, which invites art master John Aslanidis, which combines art, music and geometric patterns. The visual effect of the scene is very shocking.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Has Become Popular

In the past few years, cheap Longchamp Le Pliage has become popular across the country, becoming more and more flavorful, and there are more people on the street.

cheap Longchamp Le Pliage
cheap Longchamp Le Pliage

When they mention Longchamp outlet, I believe that most people will immediately think of his housekeeping product Le Pliage bag. My first Longchamp bag was bought in 5 years. My mother also decided to buy one. At first I really didn’t understand why the people of Paris would spend hundreds of dollars to buy a nylon bag, but I immediately became addicted to it.

The founder of Longchamp, Mr. Jean Casgram, opened the first pipe shop in Paris in 1948, which was welcomed by the market. The American generation of rock and roll giant Elvis Presley is also its supporter. Over the years, Longchamp has become a guarantee for high-quality leather goods. It manufactures each high-quality product with innovative methods, and is famous for its traditional fashion, eternal creativity, and rough craftsmanship.

Le Pliage Large Nylon Shoulder Tote Bag

Le Pliage Large Nylon Shoulder Tote Bag
Le Pliage Large Nylon Shoulder Tote Bag

This large Le Pliage is Longchamp’s leading product, and it is also my most recommended one. The more you look at it, the more you like it. And it can match your clothes all year round and the quality is also very good. The waterproof function may seem useless at first glance, but it is really very practical. Needless to say, there is no pressure to carry it out on a rainy day, and you are not afraid of getting the bag and the contents wet after washing your hands.

Leather Large ‘Le Pliage’ Tote

Leather Large 'Le Pliage' Tote
Leather Large ‘Le Pliage’ Tote

This sheepskin series comes in various colors. The new Longchamp sale is made of a Metis sheepskin that is a mixture of lamb and goat. The material is super comfortable and soft. After being folded, it is as thin and compact as a nylon dumpling folding bag, which is convenient to carry. I think this is a luxurious Le Pliage.

Leather ‘Le Pliage’ Top Handle Tote

Leather 'Le Pliage' Top Handle Tote
Leather ‘Le Pliage’ Top Handle Tote

Little sisters who like big sheepskin bags, the price is really cheap. If you like big sheepskin styles, you can choose this one. This one is also often shot on celebrity street photography, and the size is large enough to flatten the door

Longchamp 3D Leather Tote Bag

Longchamp 3D Leather Tote Bag
Longchamp 3D Leather Tote Bag

Look at the name “3D” of this bag and you know that the design of this bag is very powerful. This is the effect of everyone pursuing big-name bags. This is the most suitable style for daily work. It is more fashionable than ordinary bags without a sense of design but without losing stability.

Longchamp Mini Cuir Large Tote Bag, elegant navy blue with high-quality leather. In fact, the quality of Longchamp bags even surpasses many top-tier brands. After all, Longchamp’s leather is famously high-quality.

Nylon ‘Le Pliage’ Backpack

Nylon 'Le Pliage' Backpack
Nylon ‘Le Pliage’ Backpack

This nylon backpack is also Longchamp’s representative bag, durable and popular. The colorful colors and the high quality price ratio are the reasons for his popularity.

Nylon ‘Le Pliage’ Mini Coin Purse

Nylon 'Le Pliage' Mini Coin Purse
Nylon ‘Le Pliage’ Mini Coin Purse

This cute little coin purse is well versed in the cheap Longchamp bags tradition. The durable waterproof nylon coin purse is really a must-have for home travel and is very suitable for travel. The capacity is also very impressive, storing a variety of coins can make the bag clean and fresh.

Talk about the five classical Longchamp bags

In 2012, the autumn series of Longchamp Bags had been launched the newest Longchamp LM Cuir at Longchamp Outlet, which is based in the LM bags. For the first time, the paintings of LM occurred in the smooth and soft cowhide. It presented the delicate crafts of this kind of the bags. The high quality cowhide will have a huge space, which can be adjusted the shoulder girdle, whatever you shoulder,arm or hands. This is very convenient. It also suit the theme of “practical”. On the base of LM bags, the Longchamp bags still stretched its insistent of some details. There is a logo which add some delicate and feminist into the bags. Now, let’s talk the five classical Longchmap bags.

As for the bag of Longchamp Le Pliage, it’s made from nylon and leather. The folding bags are very successful which had attracted many ladies to pursue them. It origins in the Japanese paper folding art. Whatever its size or dimension, it’s so lithe and can be folded for storage. There are many styles of Longchamp Le Pliage bag, and it’s color is very rich and all match whatever you wear clothes. It had captured many fans at home and abroad. In 2012, these kinds of the bags had presented the newest style again, which is the luxury national styles. The Longchamp sale many sexy paintings that are above the bags and the delicate material make the bags more real.

Pink cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Club Travel bags outlet online with Pliage/Nylon Material
Longchamp sale

As for the bag of Le Pliage Cuir, the lambskin folding bags are soft and tough, lithe yet not lose the feeling of luxury. When these kinds of the bags occurred, many ladies to buy it. There are have the rich color and infinite originality which enhance the classical Longchamp Le Plaige Cuir bags. Another, as for the bag of series of Longchamp Au Sultan. It had the long history which commemorate the tradition. There are the feeling of thick and retro which had added in this kind of the bag. They are including three bags, the shoulder bags, a bucket bags and the mini but fashion bags. When it comes to its material, it’s very smooth and soft. It’s appearance is quite retro, simple and fashionable. In 2015, there are launched many colors of the bags that ladies can choose them by their own.

As for the series of Balzane, it featured the feeling of stereoscopic. The delicate design and beautiful appearance make the bags more charming. The series of Longchamp Balzane have the Hobo bag and two dimension handbags. The color is rich, they are including red, Havana copper, black and some other fashionable colors. For the series of Longchamp Cosmo, it presents the feeling of relax, practical and fashionable. To some degree, it had the taste of nature and arouse the feeling of your own heart. The most special is that its newest leather texture of elephant. When you touch the material of suede, it will return the pure nature.

Judging from the five classical Longchamp bags given above, we can draw a conclusion that these bags are just like the butterflies that carry many dreams. Throughout many years, it gives us many surprises. If you are the chaser of these classical Longchamp bags and always want to have one bag, why don’t you miss them?