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To pay tribute to the legendary classics of the 70s, Chinese Qianhao and the new generation idol Qian Zhenghao were recently invited by the brand to visit the Longchamp Outlet and interviewed the designer of the popular Le Pliage folding bag, Philippe Cassegrain, president of the Longchamp brand. Close to the 70 years of innovative design and unique charm of the family business behind the “National Dumpling Bag”.

Longchamp Outlet

As a representative of the outstanding young generation of China’s millennial generation, Qian Zhenghao communicated fluently with Philip’s grandfather in fluent English and French, and shared his own fashion concept and positive and progressive attitude.

Classic Le Pliage Nylon Bag collection

Longchamp Le Pliage bags inspired by Japanese origami art are popular all over the world. Each season, the collection is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the colors are colorful. The bag is light as feathers, folds into a paperback book size, and easily accommodates all the daily necessities. Was affectionately known as the National Dumplings bag.

Collection Le Pliage Club nylon bag collection

2020 is the 72th anniversary of the Longchamp brand, the Le Pliage Club collection, which specializes in casual style. Nylon canvas is decorated with a brand logo running horse pattern and contrast trim and snaps for contrast. The color is more elegant and classic.

Le Pliage Cuir lambskin collection

Inheriting the iconic design of the LE PLIAGE bag, the collection breaks through the tradition and innovatively uses the unique Metis lambskin to meet the demand for the “folding” design soul, making the leather thin and light. Tough, flat and easy to carry, not to mention the new color of each season, always maintains a variety of fashion and functional design, so it is highly sought after by fashion people.

Le Pliage Personalized custom-made lambskin and nylon folding bag

The LE PLIAGE folding bag is personalized and available in a variety of different sizes. In the new season, Longchamp Sale the new color spectrum includes more than a dozen body, accessory colors and a variety of lining colors, boldly sway your creativity.

Longchamp sale

In combination with the traditional craftsmanship of the Longchamp leather family, the custom-made handbags are hand-finished only in the Segré workshop, the largest workshop in the world’s largest workshop in Longchamp sale, in the Loire Valley of Paris, France, and hand-finished by French craftsmen. Around 8 to 10 weeks after the order is completed, customers will receive a unique folding bag that is unique to them.

I’d like to invent a universal Longchamp bag

I am a forgetful primary school student. I often forget this and forget to bring it. This big problem is a big headache for me. I want to invent a versatile schoolbag in the future to solve this difficult problem. Yes, these bags are still the cheap Longchamp bags.

cheap longchamp bags
cheap longchamp bags

The versatile bag I want to invent a white, blue, green, gray, purple five colors for you to choose from. There is a small LCD screen strap it bag. The size is small, probably only an ordinary bag 2/3 as large. Versatile schoolbag, as the name suggests, is versatile bag. And shop for these bags in Longchamp sale online shop with low price in the future.

Don’t look at it like the humble, many functions! Its shape is small, but the capacity is amazing, is twenty times the volume of ordinary schoolbags. Why? Because when you put things in, his volume will be reduced by 50 times, the weight will also be reduced, allowing you to go to school easily.
Here, you might want to ask, books have become so small, find it much trouble! Don’t worry, you just put what you need on the LCD screen, and this thing will bounce automatically and revert to its original size. Versatile bag has two kinds of reminding device: reminders and forgetful helpers.You just have to do what you need to do on the LCD screen for a day , and when it’s time, its micro broadcasting system will tell you what to do. And the forgetful helper is more interesting.

If you forget to bring something , the bag will light a small red light and make a noise , “something falls off, it’s gone!” remind you to take everything.

The most amazing function is the translation function. If you don’t know a foreign language and need to talk with a foreign friend, the translation system of versatile schoolbag will be of great use.The other is a British, what do you want to say to him (her) record with versatile bag. Point ” Eng ” key again, it will put your words in English to foreign guests. For the same reason,record the foreigner’s words, ” Che ” key point, again will communicate the meaning of the foreign guests to you. So, won’t because language is different from person to person and affect communication.

Longchamp outlet store
Longchamp outlet store

With this versatile bag in Longchamp outlet store, we believe that our life will be better. Believing can also help more people solve this difficult problem and bring more convenience to people.