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Valentino 2024 spring and summer pays tribute to the classics

Haute couture series of major brands are being released one after another. Valentino’s 2024 spring and summer haute couture takes the “Salon” as the starting point to pay tribute to classic designs. The series has high color saturation, and the clothing design and material selection have a strong retro atmosphere. In addition to appreciating the retro craftsmanship aesthetics of the haute couture series, the guest lineup was basically all in black. Hollywood celebrities such as J Lo, Florence Pugh, Kylie Jenner, and their daughter Stormi all became the focus. Let’s experience the “salon” cultural atmosphere of Valentino’s 2024 spring and summer haute couture series.
The spring and summer haute couture series led by Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli starts from the “Salon”, the birthplace of this haute couture series. The design has a strong retro flavor. You will see that high-saturation colors have been selected from the color matching, which is quite Dazzling retro colors are available; clothing materials include silk tulle, handmade sequins, feathers and fur, mixed with modern tailoring, paying homage to the classics while also adding contemporary fashion design elements, which is also very contemporary. .
In terms of jewelry, it is particularly obvious to follow the retro route, with gold and copper plus exaggerated and enlarged designs. The makeup will be nude and more transparent, and the hairstyle will be All Back with a bit of “greasy head” to be neat and neat to balance the overall vision.
After watching the series, the guests present mainly wore all black, but they did not dim the light of the stars. J Lo wore an all-black close-fitting evening dress, with amphibole circles on the shoulders and arms, matching the retro Barbie’s curly hairstyle, and a black headband, exuding the temperament of a socialite. Florence Pugh’s black off-shoulder evening dress is simply paired with gold and copper jewelry. It doesn’t have to be too fancy to look high-end.
Kylie Jenner wore a very basic and simple, close-fitting evening dress with a flat mouth, a furry black shawl, sunglasses and gold and copper jewelry. This simple and neat evening dress has a high-end domineering look. Daughter Stormi also wore a mother-daughter sunglasses outfit like her mother, which is cute but not fashionable. There are also brand friends such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Leonie Hanne, Lena Mahfouf, Samara Weaving, etc. attending the fashion show, come and take a look at their outfits!